8 Gift Guides for Lovers of the Outdoors

Woman hiking

Our team put together 8 gift guides for people who enjoy the outdoors just as much as we do. We have 10 recommendations for the climber, the paddler, the scout, the hiker, the traveler, the backpacker, the student, and dogs. No need to feel overwhelmed trying to find gifts this holiday season!


Climber gift guide

For the recreational climber who enjoys climbing indoors and outdoors, this list covers the basics. Have someone in your life new to climbing but taking a significant interest? Sign them up for a Rock Gym 101 class next door at Kendall Cliffs. Kendall Cliffs offers classes for new and experienced climbers. Check them all out here.


Paddler gift guide

Our next gift guide is for the paddler. Specifics depend on where you are paddling and what type of paddling you plan to do. Stop by our store and chat with our AO staff to get ideas on what boat is the best fit for you or the paddler in your life.


Scout gift guide

Anyone that has a scout in their life is familiar with all the long lists of items a scout needs to prepare for a high adventure trip and more. Our gift guide is more of a stocking stuffers list that can help family members get some of the smaller items needed for a big scout trip. If you need help preparing a scout for a high adventure trip, talk to our AO staff for recommendations on trips like Philmont and more!


Hiker gift guide

We all have someone in our life that frequently hikes in the CVNP and surrounding Metro Parks! Here are our ideas for useful gifts for the avid day hiker. We included a bonus idea, too!


Traveler's gift guide

This gift guide focuses on the person who loves to travel. Our ideas include ways to better organize luggage, ways to secure credit card and passport information while traveling, and solutions for staying comfortable on long flights.


Backpacker's gift guide

Do you have someone close to you that enjoys going on longer backpacking trips or is just getting into backpacking? Check out our backpacker's gift guide! This list gives recommendations for someone needing a 50L-65L backpack for trips and provides suggestions for different shelter systems and more. Our staff can walk you through the best options for all different types of backpacking trips, whether you want to go ultralight or will be able to stay in hostels/campsites along the way.


Student's gift guide

We have had lots of students coming in for more layers as the weather gets colder and they have to trek across campus. Think socks, hats, gloves, and mid layers to go under their winter coats!


Dog's gift guide

The dog, the gift receiver with the HIGHEST expectations. Of course our pups would probably prefer a new toy or a treat, but perhaps they are in need of a new harness, leash, or collar! Check out our dog section towards the back of the store for all your dog's needs!

We hope you found all of our gift guides helpful! We have printed copies by the registers in-store. Have a great holiday season and happy shopping! As always, thanks for shopping small with us.

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