COVID-19 Update-Appalachian Outfitters

COVID-19 Update

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To all our customers and visitors:
With the continued spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), we wanted to take a moment to let you know what the staff at Appalachian Outfitters and Kendall Cliffs are doing to help protect your health and safety.
Appalachian Outfitters:
All employees have been instructed to be vigilant in their personal hygiene and are encouraged to wash their hands often throughout their shifts. All workers have access to hand sanitizers for personal use and as part of our enhanced store cleaning process, we have added specific instructions for wiping down potential customer contact points, i.e., counter tops, doorknobs, benches, credit card terminals, etc. We are also regularly wiping down employee contact areas such as desk-tops, break tables, restrooms, keyboards, touch screens and computer mice.
We are also trying to bring in the items most commonly purchased in times of uncertainty such as water filtration and purification products, backpacking foods, first aid supplies, and fuel canisters. Like most retailers, we are having an increasing difficult time obtaining new orders of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods and so we are temporarily implementing a 10 packages per person limit until production levels ramp up to meet demand.
Spring 2020 Hiking Series:
As of now, we see no reason to postpone or cancel our Spring Hiking series. Our gatherings are small and take place outdoors with adequate distance between hikers. However, we will have hand sanitizer present and all demo trekking poles will be properly wiped down after use with the proper virucide. Additionally, anyone uncomfortable with signing in may bring their own pen and or request a staff member sign them in. With everything else going on, it will be nice to get outside into the fresh air. Come join us!
Kendall Cliffs:
We have taken extra measures to enhance our cleaning within Kendall Cliffs. As is the case in the store, all gym staff has access to whatever personal hygiene supplies they require. Additionally, we will continue to spray and sanitize all rental shoes. Our fall surfaces will be treated several times a week and we are increasing the cleaning frequency of our holds. As is the case in our store, Appalachian Outfitters, we have added specific instructions for wiping down potential customer contact points, i.e., counter tops, doorknobs, benches, waiver pads, and credit card terminals. We are also doing enhanced cleaning of our group balconies, stairwell handrails, and tables.
Our number one priority is the health of our staff and visitors. We will also try to keep necessary supplies such as food and fuel available for purchase as long as we are able to procure them. This is a great time to get outdoors and away from the crowds and our staff is ready to make sure you have everything necessary to enjoy the great outdoors! 
Mike Leffler
Appalachian Outfitters & Kendall Cliffs
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