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Sherpa Adventure Gear: Handmade Items To Last

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At Appalachian Outfitters, we support companies that have a vision to make the world a better place. One of these companies is Sherpa Adventure Gear, established in the mountains of the Himalayas in Nepal. 

Built From Experience

Sherpa Adventure Gear is founded on the mountaineering lifestyle of the Sherpas. They honor their legendary traditions and climbers with gear that is designed to endure the elements with the same grit as their climbers. 

Founded On History

Because of their mountaineering history, Sherpas understand the best ways to stay warm – and the most beautiful ways, with bright colors that are warming even just looking at them. Staying warm in extreme weather means using the best technology in fabrics and engineering to create gear that can withstand anything, including the Himalayas. 


The company creates gear to fit all four seasons of the year, from brisk summer nights to frosty winter mornings. No matter the weather, it’s important to feel comfortable and safe in the outdoors.

For A Purpose

At Sherpa Adventure Gear, there are countless reasons to have high standards for the gear that needs to best the outdoors – and high standards for the company’s workforce. Through their work, many families, villages, and Nepalese communities have received meaningful employment and scholarships, helping them attain better lives for themselves and their loved ones. Environmentally, the gear is produced using sustainable practices. Socially, the clothing is made in Kathmandu, where local residents join work that helps to provide for their families. Academically, each time Sherpa Adventure Gear sells a piece of clothing, the company makes a small donation to a scholarship fund for children living in isolated villages in the Himalayas.

At Appalachian Outfitters

As part of our spotlight on Sherpa Adventure Gear, we want to highlight some of our favorite Sherpa handmade items:
  • Ananta Hoodie: This lightweight, mid-layer hoodie stays warm without weighing you down. It’s made with fast drying, wicking thermal fabric.
  • Pemba Jacket: This jacket’s sweater-knit feeling is soft and warm, with a brushed interior for extra comfort. This useful mid-layer fits smoothly under outer shells.
  • Jannu Jacket: This is ideal for an all-purpose jacket for any weather. It is water resistance, lightweight, vented, and full of flexibility – and useful pockets.
To see more high-quality Sherpa Adventure Gear, visit an Appalachian Outfitters near you and find your perfect fit!
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