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Sledding Hills of the Cleveland Metroparks

Cuyahoga County is home to some of the best sledding hills in Northeastern Ohio. Fortunately the area has received its fair amount of snow this winter. What better time than now to hit the sledding slopes?

Barrett Road Sledding Hill is a favorite among locals. Located just North of Falls Lane in Berea on Valley Parkway, this steep incline is ideal for making racing memories with your friends and family!

Another favorite is the Big Met Golf Course Sledding Area. The best sled riding slopes are at Tee #11. There are fireplaces nearby, so you can warm up quickly after spending time in the cold!

Child sledding down a hill

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If some of the members of your group don’t enjoy sledding, Cahoon Memorial Park Sledding Hill also has a pond. When the water ices over, it is a popular location for ice skating.

Coasting Hill Sledding is a sled riding hill in Hinckley Reservation. Located just off State Road, south of Bellus Road, it is an enjoyable sledding area for the Cleveland Metroparks.

Another Cleveland Metropark sledding hill is Hawthorn Parkway/Solon Road Sledding Hill. Visitors can park at the Shadow Lake Picnic Area south of Solon Road.

Kelly Picnic Area Sledding Hill is a popular area with many winter sled riders. Locals make the convenient drive to the Euclid Creek Reservation, on Green Road just off Euclid Creek Parkway, for memorable sledding adventures!

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Little Met Golf Course Sledding Area has two small hills for sled riding at Tees #5 and #6. This gradual slope is more suitable for smaller children who may be frightened by sledding too quickly down taller slopes.

Another gradual slope is located at the Mastick Woods Golf Course Sledding Area, specifically at Tee #9. Again, this is more suitable for smaller children who are experiencing sledding for the first few times.

Memphis Back Shelter Sledding Area is another favorite of the local community. It is also part of the Cleveland Metroparks and provides an enjoyable adventure for everyone!

Just off Chagrin River Road in the North Chagrin Reservation, Old River Farm Reserved Picnic Area Sledding Area is an ideal place for sledding. Bring your friends, family, and sled for a fun outdoor activity!

Pawpaw Picnic Area Sledding Area is another favorite for local Northeastern Ohioans. This hill rests at just the right angle for a thrilling sled ride!

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Just East of Porter Creek Drive is Porter Creek Drive Sledding Hill. This renowned hill has been the setting for many riders’ enjoyable sledding memories for many reasons!

Sleepy Hollow Golf Course Sledding Area is complete unrelated to Washington Irving’s fictional tale. Instead of haunted woods and a headless horseman, riders will encounter a new favorite location for sled riding!

Sulphur Springs/Miles Road Sledding hill has limited parking in a small lot. Riders frequently pull onto the roadside for parking while they spend the rest of the day sledding.

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