Spring Hiking Series: Win Prizes and Enjoy the Cuyahoga Valley-Appalachian Outfitters

Spring Hiking Series: Win Prizes and Enjoy the Cuyahoga Valley

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Join us for our Appalachian Outfitters and Leki Spring Hiking Series! This is a great way to explore hiking trails in Ohio, enjoying nature while you catch up with old friends make new ones. As an added bonus, the more hikes that you attend, the more chances you have of winning prizes!

Warm Your Toes with Smartwool Socks

To earn a free pair of Smartwool Socks, join us for hikes 7, 8, and 9. These wool socks are made with high-quality materials to keep your feet feeling warm and fresh.

Banish Sore Feet with Superfeet Insoles

For a free pair of “Green” Superfeet, finish hikes 10, 11, and 12. These insoles have helped marathon runners, hikers, and policemen stay comfortable on their feet for hours at a time by resolving painful foot and ankle problems.

Hike #1 on April 3:

We’ll meet at the Happy Days Lodge parking area to hike 3.1 miles on Boston Run Trail. This moderate trek crosses several creeks and goes through meadows and low-lying areas.

A pond with reeds and cattails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Imagery From CVPS

Hike #2 on April 6: We’ll get together at the Oak Hill parking area to hike a total of 1.8 miles along the Oak Hill Trail. This beautiful trail has an easy rating for hikers.

Hike #3 on April 10: We’ll hike 7.6 miles from Boston to Peninsula. Meet us at the Boston parking area to sign in before we start our hike.

Hike #4 on April 13: We’ll hike 2.3 miles on Ledges Trail, starting at the Ledges parking area. With a 105-foot elevation change, this hike has a moderate rating.

Hike #5 on April 17: We plan to meet at the Pine Lane parking area before hiking 9.6 miles between Peninsula and Hunt Farm. Many hikers enjoy this route’s scenic views.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Sign

Hike #6 on April 20: We’ll go to the parking area at Kendall Lake to enjoy 2.3 miles along the Cross Country Trail, a moderate hike with just 160 feet in elevation change.

Hike #7 on April 24: We’ll hike 4.9 miles along Plateau Trail, starting at the Oak Hill parking area. This trail features a 200-foot elevation change, giving it a moderate to difficult rating.

Hike #8 on April 27: We’ll cover 2.75 miles on Perkins Trail. We’ll meet at the parking area nearby Everett Road.

Hike #9 on May 1: We’ll meet at the Pine Hollow parking area and then hike 3.5 miles together on Langes Run Trail. This moderate to difficult hike follows Valley Trail and Butler Trail, featuring a series of rises and descents.

Hike #10 on May 4: We’ll cover 4.3 miles along Salt Run & Lake Trails. First, we’ll meet at the Kendall Lake parking area to explore this moderate to difficult trail. It has a 160-foot elevation change.

Hike #11 on May 8: We’ll park at the Pine Hollow parking area and enjoy a moderate 4.5 miles on the Wetmore Trail. This hike intersects with Table Top Trail and Langes Run Trail.

Hike #12 on May 11: We’ll hike 4 miles on the Riding Run Trail. We’ll park at the Everett Road. This moderate to difficult trail intersects with Everett Road Covered Bridge and Perkins Trial.

Explore Hiking Trails In Ohio With Appalachian Outfitters

All of our hikes start on Sunday at 9 am and on Wednesday at 6 pm. We want to start our hikes on time, so be at the meeting area before the hike begins. This will make it easier for people to sign in with our staff. At each hike, you’ll need to check with our sign in sheet so that we can note the number of hikes you’ve finished before we give you your prize.

We look forward to seeing you at our spring hiking series featuring Smartwool socks and Superfeet insoles!

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