Kayaks provide the perfect way to peacefully experience nature up-close. But when you’re buying a kayak, how do you know which one to choose? It’s important to think about a variety of factors, like what you want to get out of your kayaking experience.

First, think about where you’ll kayak most often. Consider how long you’ll be on the water, and what kind of water yo…

Summer season means boat season! These warm months are the time to enjoy sunshine, blue skies, and clear water as you paddle your kayak through some of Northeastern Ohio’s best kayaking waterways. Whether you’re a recreational kayaker, an enthusiast with the latest gear, or a family group setting out to camp and paddle for a weekend, there are always new places fo…

2014 Kayaks 25% Off

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 by

All remaining 2014 kayaks and select paddle boards will be 25% off. This is our biggest boat sale of the year as we make room for next season’s kayaks and canoes. We also have a great selection of 2015 models already available!

Northeastern Ohio Kayaking

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 by

Kayak Techniques

Kayaking looks simple – you hop in and paddle, right? That technique will work, but if you want to gain the most from your kayaking experience, here are some helpful techniques.

  • When you reach to your paddle, place your hands about shoulder-width apart.
  • Practice good posture. Slouching comes naturally in a kayak, but try to sit up straight.
  • The pr

Our 2014 Kayaks Are Here!

Wednesday, 06 November 2013 by

Save 20% on Remaining 2013 Models

Our 2014 model year kayaks are HERE now. Once again, it was a great boat season for us here at AO, but we still have a few remaining 2013’s. On most models there were few if any changes for 2014. Why pay a price increase when you can get the same 2013 model at 20% off? Selections are limited, so shop early.