Celebrating Father’s Day: Helle Knives, Hults Bruk Axes, and Sharpening

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axeImage Credit: Trailspace
Hults Bruk axes are designed with legacy in mind.

To honor Father’s Day weekend (June 18-19), we have three exciting events: sharpening with a local expert, tomahawk throwing behind our Appalachian Outfitters store, and specials on high-quality, long-lasting Helle knives and Hults Bruk axes.

Step One: Learn How to Choose a Knife or an Ax

When you’re looking for a knife or an ax, the options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we can give you an outline of the basics for choosing a knife or ax:

  • Blade: For low-maintenance, heavy-duty jobs, fixed-blade knives are great but can feel bulky to carry. Folding knives are more portable when you’re traveling through the wild.
  • Handle: Look for a handle that feels comfortable in your grip. It should contour to your grasp and feel natural in your hands.
  • Material: Make certain that your knife or ax is made of the highest quality materials. This applies to the blade and the handle – unreliable tools are the last thing you want in the wild.

Step Two: Experience Norwegian Quality And Craftsmanship

Since 1932, the Norwegian knife company Helle has designed quality products using traditional craftsmanship. Designed in Norway’s breathtaking fjords and mountains, these beautiful knives are not just for appearances – they are created for hunting, fishing, and gathering.
11860199-dokkaImage Credit: PRLOG
Helle knives are made with the highest quality materials.

For a limited time, we will be offering specials on our Helle knives for Father’s Day. Give your dad a beautiful gift of craftsmanship that doubles as a practical tool he can use outdoors!

Step Three: Find a Unique Outdoor Legacy for Your Family

In 1697, Hults Bruk united old traditions with new innovations to design axes that are true to Swedish ironworking standards, character, and culture. Outdoorsmen around the world use Hults Bruk axes for backpacking, camping, forestry, hunting, and bushcrafting. Each ax is unique; there are just 20 employees at the facility who hand forge more than 100,000 axe heads every year.

Axes from Hults Bruk are designed to be legacies for generations. Our Hults Bruk Father’s Day special gives you the chance to choose a legacy of your own!

Step Four: Learn How to Sharpen and Throw From the Pros

Our local expert, Kevin Noon, first learned how to sharpen knives from his father and continued his hobby throughout his life. In 2007, his work laid him off, so Noon began sharpening knives as a business. Over time, he joined the Cleveland Knife Sharpeners Guild. Now he sharpens for many businesses, individuals, and private groups throughout Northeast Ohio.

As part of the event, visit our tomahawk throwing display! We’ll show you how to properly throw your tomahawk at a designated location behind our Appalachian Outfitters Store

Image Credit: Hawk Throwing
Learn how to throw a tomahawk at Appalachian Outfitters.

Sharpening, Throwing, Helle Knives, and Hults Bruk Axes at Appalachian Outfitters

Mark your calendar for Father’s Day weekend, June 18 through 19. Learn how to sharpen your knives and axes, and see our collection of knives and axes from Helle and Hults Bruk. We look forward to helping you find the outdoor tool that fits your needs and tastes!

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