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Adventure Medical Kits-After Bite®-Appalachian Outfitters
Adventure Medical Kits-After Bite®-Appalachian Outfitters

After Bite®

Adventure Medical Kits
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  • Pharmacist Preferred for Instant Relief
    Enjoy instant relief from itchy bug bites and stings for the whole family. Pharmacist-preferred After Bite® stops the itch, pain, and discomfort for good, so you can get back to having fun.
  • Advanced Formula
    Rely on our powerful liquid formula to treat mosquito bites, bee stings, bed bug bites, and more! Baking soda and ammonia act quickly to neutralize and stop the source of the itch.
  • Portable Applicator Pen
    Apply After Bite to insect bites and stings with the easy-to-use applicator pen. The compact pen fits easily into packs, pockets, or purses, so you have itch and sting relief wherever you go.
  • Trusted for over 40 Years
    Choose After Bite for tried-and-true bite itch relief. The #1 selling insect bite treatment in North America, After Bite has been trusted to stop the itch from bug bites and stings for over 40 years.