12 Days of Christmas Coupon Specials

12 Days of Christmas Coupon Specials

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A holiday budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your holiday gift shopping. Visit Appalachian Outfitters for our 12 Days of Christmas Coupon Specials! Beginning December 13, 2014, new coupons will become eligible every two days. The promotions offer remarkable savings on select merchandise for the outdoors people in your life. At the check-out counter, show the cashier your coupon, whether it’s printed or on your smartphone. (Please understand that none of our coupons can be used to make adjustments to previous purchases.)

December 13-24:
10% OFF Snowshoe Equipment

Does someone on your shopping list love spending time in the snow? Use our 10% off coupon on snowshoes, snowshoe kits, and snowshoe accessories, such as poles, carry bags, and Crescent Moon gaiters.

Crescent Moon Gaiters - Photo Credit: Crescent Moon Snowshoes
Crescent Moon Gaiters

December 15-25:
15% OFF Pet Care

The holidays aren’t just for humans – they’re a great time for pets, too! This 15% off coupon is specifically for our pet area. We recently expanded this area, so if you have yet to see the changes we’ve made, now is the perfect time.

Pet Section of our Store - Photo Credit: Appalachian Outfitters
Our pet Section

December 17-24:
15% OFF Basic Gear

If you want to buy something for the adventurers in your life, but you’re not sure what they would like, use our basic gear coupon. Save 15% on our extensive collection of knives and axes. This promotion also applies to lighting items, including lanterns, headlamps, and flashlights.

Basic Gear like Headlamps - Photo Credit: Appalachian Outfitters

December 19-24:
15% OFF Sleeping Pads

If you have an avid camper on your holiday shopping list, use our 15% off coupon on sleeping pads. Nobody likes to sleep on rocks and cold ground, making this coupon ideal for outdoors people of any age.

Sleeping Pad - Photo Credit: Thermarest
Sleeping Pad

December 21-24:
25% OFF Winter Warmth

Cold weather is coming to Northeastern Ohio! We have gloves and winter hats for everyone, no matter their style preference. Plus you can save 25% with one of our 12 Days of Christmas coupons!

Winter Warmth - Photo Credit: Appalachian Outfitters
Winter hats

December 23-24:
15% OFF Climbing Essentials

Climbers love gifts that tailor to their sport. Our 15% off coupon applies to all of our climbing equipment, even climbing shoes and ropes. As you choose your purchase, please remember that all climbing equipment sales are final due to product liability.

Climbing Essentials - Photo Credit: Appalachian Outfitters
Climbing Ropes

12 Days of Christmas Coupon Special with Appalachian Outfitters

Don’t let the holidays slip past without taking advantage of our 12 Days of Christmas Coupon Special. We designed these promotions to simplify the life of busy shoppers who want to buy gifts that are outdoorsy but intentional; just like you, we believe in conscientious consumerism, even during the hectic holiday season. We look forward to seeing you at Appalachian Outfitters!

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