Axe Handles

Is your axe handle worn down or broken? We carry the replacement handles for most of the axes and hatchets we stock, so your trusty axe can feel and perform like new. Don’t waste your money buying a new tool – replace the handle and use your old hatchet as if nothing ever happened!

Be Prepared for Any Situation with a Spare Hatchet Handle

Accidents happen, camping knives, saws & axes break, so you need to be ready for such situations. After all, you wouldn’t want to be left in the wilderness without the necessary tools, would you? With a spare hatchet handle, this will never be a problem. Just find the one that matches your camp axe, pack it up, and sleep calmly knowing that you’re ready for anything!

Give Your Hatchet a New Life with a Fresh Handle

Forget about paying for a completely new hatchet when your old one breaks down. Instead, revive your current favorite tool with a new, comfortable hatchet handle and use the gear that you're used to. Why change something that already works great?

Made with Our Axes in Mind

If you have one of our axes or hatchets, you want a handle that is truly designed for it. And, who would prepare a better-fitting handle than us? We’ve got axe handles for most of our models, so perfectly fitting that you won’t feel any difference at all!


The better the grip, the better the rip. With our hatchet handles, you have a guarantee that your axe will lay comfortably in your hand, and you’ll be able to chop anything with minimum possible effort.


Wooden handles decompose quickly, but it can’t be said about the metal head. This means that by replacing the handle, you help protect the environment. Add to that our neutral carbon footprint shipping, and you get a truly sustainable option.