Camping Saws

Need to make firewood? Cut through branches or trees? Then check out our folding camp saws! Great for landscaping, trail clearing – any visit to the great outdoors!

Explore Our Wide Collection of Camping Saws

At Appalachian Outfitters, we’ve curated a diverse range of camping saws to suit various purposes, preferences, and requirements. From long, katana folding saws that will easily fit into your camping backpack, to handy pocket saws that you can carry with you at all times – you will find all of these in our collection. Don’t let the lack of a reliable tool limit your camping adventure and invest in one of our high-quality saws!

Why Choose Our Camping Hand Saws?

Our camping saws are not your average outdoor cutting tools – they are the top-shelf equipment that you need for your incredible trip into the wilderness. Why do they deserve your attention? Here’s a list of the main reasons:


All our camping saws can be folded, meaning that they won’t take much space in your backpack – you won’t feel their impact on your packing space even when going on a long hiking or camping journey.

Excellent Performance

You’ll get rid of any obstacle with our marvellous camping saws. Designed for the highest efficiency, you’ll easily weed out your camping spot, clear your way through the woods, or prepare firewood for your evening storytelling time.


You don’t go camping too often? That’s not a problem, since our saws are also great for garden keeping. You don’t have to worry about investing and then using them only once or twice a year!


Made from the best materials, you won’t have to worry that they will break anytime soon. You don’t want to be left without a proper cutting tool in the wild, and our camping hand saws are a guarantee that this won’t happen!


Cut out the air pollution with our camping saws, with our neutral carbon footprint shipping!