5 Reasons You Should Go Hiking

5 Reasons You Should Go Hiking

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Hiking has long been a traditional American outdoor recreation and is a favorite form of going on an adventure among men and women. Everybody loves to go hiking and camping on the well-known trails, especially the ones in Northeast Ohio such as Rocky River Reservation, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and Quail Hollow State Park. So if you are thinking about going hiking but still aren’t convinced then here are 5 awesome reasons for you to do so:

1. Connect with Nature

Living in the city can make any person out of touch with nature after a certain period of time. Sure, having your own little garden in the backyard gives you a tiny dose of nature, but it can never replace the outdoors where you can walk along the trails in the forest, camp out, kayak in the rivers, see different forest animals going about their business, and be in tune with the natural environment on a broader scale. Going to the outdoors was the most natural activity for humans, because before evolving into corporate executives working and living in high-rise buildings, man used to live among nature. So going on hiking is like going back home.

2. Health & Fitness

Research shows that people who work in urban spaces like office buildings or in cities where there is pollution tend to get sick easily and quickly. This is called ‘sick building syndrome’. So every once in a while it would be really good if you just left everything behind and escaped from the city’s daily grind and went back packing around the lush green trails. It’s really good for your health as there is a lot of physical activity, fresh air, and a calmer environment for you to relax and unwind. After coming back from your hiking adventure, you will be re-energized and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

3. Picturesque Scenes

One of the best parts about going on hiking is that you get to see breathtaking views and scenic beauties of the landscape. They are a feast for the eyes and a pleasure for the other sense. You can even take your art materials along and draw, sketch or paint the mountains, rivers, trees or anything that fancies your interest.

4. Meet New People

Hiking is a great way for you to meet new people along the way. If you are going in a good season, chances are you won’t be the only one walking through the trails. There might be other groups that you can meet up. This is a great way to make new like-minded friends and even meet someone you like. There have been cases that people have found their significant other camping.

5. Challenge Yourself

One of the main reasons you set out on the hiking adventure is that you not only wanted to explore the outdoors but also challenge yourself. This is a great way to test your endurance and survival skills. Climbing mountains, kayaking through rivers, and camping out can help you build life skills.

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