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50 Years of Outdoor Music Tradition

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Since their start in the summer of 1968, Blossom Music Center and the Cleveland Orchestra have worked together to create family-friendly, outdoor events that celebrate music. In the last 50 years, Blossom has seen over 10 million people pass through its gates, as well as hosted over 8,000 different performances from the Cleveland Orchestra and other guests.

Half a Century of Concerts and Performances!

One of Northeast Ohio’s favorite summertime traditions has already kicked off their season! The Cleveland Orchestra started on Tuesday, July 3rd with their Independence Day Celebration. A classic red, white, and blue Salute to America that included the favorite “1812” Overture with fireworks to top it off! As they have done in the past, Blossom will host guest performers such as Yo-Yo Ma and Audra McDonald and Themes such as The Little Mermaid and Star Wars: A New Hope, these festivities will continue through the end of August.

Make sure that you come prepared! While this tradition may have been in the family for years and years, you have the opportunity to make this experience even better! Our staff at Appalachian Outfitters have chosen several products to make these concerts the best experience for you and your family! Don't worry if you don't have a day to spare to come out and visit us. Our store is conveniently located about a 10-minute drive from Blossom! Not only will we help you out in gathering gear for your favorite concerts and music festivals this season, but we can also help with any other adventures you wish to pursue this summer, or in the near future!

Rock Out To The Beat, & Beat the Bugs!

A can of Ben's bug spray

Get the upper-hand on the bugs this season with NatrapelⓇ, available in Eco Spray, pump sprays and wipes. NatrapelⓇ uses picaridin as the active ingredient which is a very effective agent in keeping those pesky mosquitoes off. Ben'sⓇ Insect Repellent uses DEET to keep off both insects and ticks for up to 10 hours. This trusted brand comes in a water-based formula that evaporates very slowly know as Ben’sⓇ 30% DEET as well as Ben’sⓇ 100% DEET for maximum coverage.

Sit and Sway to the Beat!

Black and blue Helinox ground chair

Rock out in style with the different Helinox lightweight chairs. Keeping everything compact and easily portable is the common theme with these durable, comfortable camp chairs. Come visit Appalachian Outfitters to try out the popular Chair One, and the Ground Chair.

Picnic backet with dishware inside

If the music wasn’t enough to bring people together, you can always use food! At Appalachian Outfitters, we have a great selection of quality picnic baskets that are just what you're looking for! Not only are Picnic Time baskets durable and very high-quality, but this brand is also conscious about using ethical resources to make their products. Be sure to check Blossom’s guidelines about bringing along your own goodies.

For the complete 2018 Cleveland Orchestra schedule at Blossom Music Center, click here. Don't miss out on the great shows this season! Come visit Appalachian Outfitters to gear up for your trip this summer to the Blossom Music Center!

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