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8 Must-Have Camping Gear Items for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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Don’t know what essential camping gear items to pack for your next trip into the wilds? We’ve got you covered with a checklist that will make your life easier and get you ready for anything. A good shopping list for any explorer includes a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ready-made or instant meals, water, a multi-tool, and a first aid kit. There are other must-have accessories for camping, but those items are dependent on the type of trip you’ll be going on. Read on for more details.

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What Should You Pack the Next Time You Go Camping?

At first, answering this question may seem straightforward, but there are plenty of variables at play here to consider before making an essential camping gear list. Some of these factors include:

  • Camping experience
  • Destination
  • Predicted weather conditions
  • Budget
  • Whether you’re going alone or in a group

Truth be told, that’s just scratching the surface. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to create a comprehensive list of essential camping gear for 2024. Regardless of your experience, if you want to roam the wild like a true pathfinder or simply get away from noisy city life, these will be your essentials to bring along.


Protecting yourself from the elements ranks among your first priorities. A solid, waterproof tent is, therefore, a must-have piece of gear to insulate yourself from harsh winds and pouring rain.

must have camping gear

Sleeping Bag & Pad

The first part of this combo springs to anyone’s mind almost immediately. However, if you’re heading out into the wilderness for the first time, save yourself the trouble and discomfort, and remember to pack a sleeping pad. Separating yourself from the cold ground via an added layer of padding provides a crucial barrier that’ll prevent your body temperature from dropping at night.


While most established campsites come with a supply of fresh, drinkable water, there are still many scenarios where you’ll need to rely on your own reserves. Keeping an adequate amount of water on hand is an absolute must.

When it comes to food – to each their own. You know your eating habits the best, so pack enough food to not go hungry, but bear in mind that gourmet meals are likely off the table. Dried fruit and granola bars are staples, as are other nutritious snacks that don’t require preparation. For anything beyond that, remember to also pack the equipment needed to prepare your food in field conditions. Also, don’t forget about a spork, mug, plate, and a bowl.


We take a lot for granted in our daily lives. Life’s daily tasks and problems often require solutions with which we’re entirely familiar. These same challenges could prove to be more difficult were it not for the tools we have at our disposal.

That’s why the multi-tool makes our must-have camping gear list. It’s simply indispensable for the amount of space it takes up. Minor repairs, setting up basecamp, taking it apart, untying knots, cutting rope or branches for firewood – in a pinch, a multi-tool helps with all of that and much more.

First Aid Kit

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Assembling a first aid kit is relatively easy, too. A good set of cleansing wipes, gauze pads, and items for wound dressing won’t cost you much, but it could be the difference-maker in a tough situation.

Beyond the Basics: Other Items to Consider

Let’s take a look at some more advanced additions to your camping arsenal:

Good Hiking Boots

Your 15-year-old beaters are likely way past their prime. A robust, well-crafted pair of hiking boots will prevent your feet from getting wet, cold, and muddy, all the while properly supporting your ankles and feet on your hikes.

must have gear for camping

Camp Stove

From instant oatmeal to your morning cup of brew, a camp stove enables you to enjoy creature comforts in the wilds. If you’re a seasoned bushcrafter, investing in a high-quality propane stove means you’ll always be ready to get a flame going despite heavy winds.

Power Banks

Emergency preparedness is crucial, particularly when heading out on a solo camping trip. With a power bank handy, you always have the option to call for help, provided you’ve got network coverage. Consider stocking up on a few if you want to remain connected with the outside world without relying on your phone’s flimsy battery.

The Takeaway

You’ve seen our top picks for camping gear essentials. While it is an excellent starting point, keep in mind what was said at the top, and adjust this list based on your own needs. Now get out there on the trail and happy hiking!

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