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Asolo Footwear: A History of Quality, Values, and Performance

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In 1946, change was stirring around the world. The first United Nations meeting was held in London, women in Japan were allowed to vote for the first time, and Paris runways saw the world’s first bikini. In Italy, the country hosted its first official Formula One Grand Prix. It became a republic—and Asolo, an Italian footwear company, began making boots in Nervesa della Battaglia.

From Generation to Generation

The Zanatta family has owned and operated Asolo since the beginning. World War II had recently ended, changing Italy’s economy greatly, and people began looking for high-quality footwear. Asolo was the solution.

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After years of success, Asolo passed on to the second-generation Zanatta family in the 1960s and 70s. The company continued growing, keeping the strong values and traditions of the original business alive. In fact, in 1975, Giancarlo Tanzi became the inventor of the world’s first trekking boots and established the Asolo brand. After making trekking boots from cordura materials, he made the world’s first Gore-Tex lined shoes, solidifying his position as a leader in the footwear industry. At this point, Asolo became a global leader in performance and technical footwear.

Asolo passed on to the third generation of the Zanatta family in 1998; Ambrosiano Zanatta’s children, Anna, Marco, and Luca Zanatta, bought the brand. The siblings stayed devoted to the quality, values, and innovation of the family business.

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Quality, Values, and Innovation

Asolo’s products vary from alpine and expedition treks to leisure activities. With leather, modern synthetic materials, new technologies, and revolutionary systems, Asolo developed the world’s first trekking shoe and quickly took over the world’s outdoor market. The company also collaborated with WL Gore to make a product line that was waterproof and breathable (Gore-Tex®), earning Asolo the Golden Compass award from the Industry Design Association.

Later, professional alpinists in the 1980s turned to Asolo for single-molded structure and thermo-plastic materials. They sought consistent, durable, adaptable, lightweight shoes, and they trusted Asolo with their footwear.

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Asolo has never stopped researching ways to make footwear even better. The company developed Asoflex, Asoframe, and GLOBALINE as unique technologies for enhanced biomechanics. These professional touches give their shoes a more natural fit than other brands. America named Asolo’s FSN 95 GTX “The best shoe of the year in backpacking category.” Asosorb, DuoAsoflex, and the Micro Pulley System continue to improve designs even now.

Today, Asolo is a famous leader in the worldwide footwear market. Still established in Nervesa, Italy, the company exports its excellent products to Eastern Europe, Asia, and North America. The business is best known for its Natural Shape line of hiking footwear, earning the Editor’s Choice Award and a Hall of Fame award from American Backpacker Magazine and the Kauf Tipp from German Outdoor Magazine.

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Asolo Expands at Appalachian Outfitters

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