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Back To Summer: Spring Preparation

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We’ve all had those camping and backpacking trips where everything goes wrong. A storm rolls in, and our tent springs a leak; our backpacks tear against tree limbs; we paddle down a river, and a rock stabs a hole through our kayak. While we can’t control storms, tree limbs, or underwater rocks, we are able to carry maintenance and repair kits with us into the wild. Bad luck may still follow us, but with these kits, we can handle any tough love we experience in the outdoors.

Whether you need maintenance and repair kits for sleeping bags, stoves, tents, footwear, clothing, or any other outdoor equipment, spring is the time to prepare for your summer adventures. Our favorite kits are strong enough to repair the toughest damage and are also lightweight and small enough to carry through the outdoors.

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McNett makes more than 100 outdoor products that have been tested in extreme environments:

  • Gear aid kits provide you with everything you need to repair your leaky tent so you can rest well on the trail, patch holes in leaking sleeping pads, and stop your shoes from leaking.
  • M-essentials are more focused on maintenance and repair for water gear, including kayaks and canoes. These patch kits and sealing cements keep the water out while you paddle downstream.
MSR creates high-quality repair kits for specific camping and backpacking equipment:
  • MSR Fabric Repair Kit has all the tools you need to permanently and quickly fix your tent or other fabric equipment with clear or mesh patch designs that are easy to use at home or in nature.
  • MSR Shelter Wash and Restore helps you build the habit of regularly cleaning and maintaining your tent, which makes your gear last longer. It is an easy system that only takes two steps to clean the fabric, add a layer of water repellent, and eliminate mildew.
  • MSR Tent Pole Repair Kits provide tools for more structural tent maintenance, like splints for your tent pole so that you can have a good night’s sleep on the trail.

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For any maintenance and damage repair you may need for stoves and cookware, contact the manufacturer. Each company’s engineers design camping stoves a different way. Many times they have advice for their specific brand or model. It is best to care for this equipment properly so that it lasts a long time on the trail!

Maintenance And Repair With Appalachian Outfitters

Appalachian Outfitters carries a wide variety of maintenance and repair products so you can prepare for any camping and backpacking mishaps. With some planning, your outdoor adventures will be more relaxing and enjoyable. Visit us to see our selection today!

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