Be Connected: Join The Community

Be Connected: Join The Community

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ENO Hammocks have created a new community for outdoorspeople. “ENOpians” hang up their hammocks anywhere in the world, and when they see a fellow ENOpian, they smile and nod. This unique community revolves around friendliness and nature – what better way to experience new adventures this summer?

Relaxing in a ProNest hammock after a long day of adventures.
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Relaxing in a ProNest hammock after a long day of adventures.

Be Present: Erase Stress

In our modern, technology-driven lives, it’s easy to be caught a rut of busyness. While we frantically try to keep up, time passes us by, and our families are growing older, and our friends are growing apart. Use ENO hammocks to be more present. Because the hammocks are portable, you can take them to work for your lunch break or to college for a breather between classes. Just 10 minutes of being more present can turn around your day.

Be Social: Renew Connections

Many people use ENO hammocks as a time to socialize and relax with friends. Instead of tuning into Netflix or the Internet, relaxing on hammocks helps friends to reconnect despite busy schedules.

Danielle Rehor, a college student, living in Indiana, says she loves her ENO hammock. “I like it because it’s so portable and easy to set up.” She first tried the ENO hammocks at summer camp, where she loved the concept of the products. Her camp friend had both single and double hammocks, so people could enjoy the outdoors while they spent time together.

Enjoy time outside with your friends in an ENO hammock!
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Enjoy time outside with your friends in an ENO hammock!

Choosing An ENO Hammock

All ENO hammocks share certain features:

  • Breathable, high-strength 70-denier nylon taffeta
  • Triple interlocking stitching for extra strength
  • Capacity to hold up to 400 lbs.
  • A built-in stuff sack for easy transport
  • Aluminum wiregate carabiners to attach to solid anchors
  • Measures to the size of a grapefruit when packed

ENO has a variety of hammock types, ranging from 4’ wide to 8.5’ wide. If you plan to snuggle with a special someone, we recommend the DoubleNest; for a solo backpacker, the ProNest is a perfect fit. Other than size, you have several other options with ENO hammocks:

  • Add-on screens, built-in screens, or permethrin-treated fabrics to deter bugs.
  • Underquilts and top quilts to keep you warm in cold weather.
  • Suspension systems you can personalize for weight, fabric, stretch, adjustability, and more.
  • Weight capacities from 150 lbs. through 400 lbs.

ENO Hammocks at Appalachian Outfitters

Visit us to learn more about our ENO hammock selection. You can even purchase your ENO hammock at our store and then pick up your new hammock at your convenience.

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