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A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking and Climbing Gear

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Whether you are a long-time outdoor enthusiast who is ready to increase the intensity of your walks, or you are simply looking to take up a new hobby—welcome to the world of hiking! Hiking generally requires a moderate amount of difficulty, and therefore it is imperative that you have the right equipment when you’re starting out. Take a look at some of the best hiking and climbing gear we recommend for men and women who are new to hiking below. You can purchase your gear directly online and then pick it up in the store!

Best Hiking Gear For Men

Bridger Mid BDry

The type of shoe or boot you wear is critical to your safety and enjoyment of your hike. The Bridger Mid BDry boots are excellent at keeping feet dry and offering stable support for moderate trails.

Khumbu Pant

Sherpa Adventure Gear Khumbu Pant

These pants are stretchy for vigorous activity, yet highly durable making them perfect for year-round hiking and traveling. They are also wrinkle-resistant, meaning you will always look pulled-together. These pants are also designed with off-hip seams to avoid chafing under your backpack belt, which no one wants to deal with. If you do get wet or muddy during your hike, these pants are also quick-drying and easy to wash.

Men's Torrentshell Jacket

Patagonia Torrent Shell

This jacket is lightweight, durable, and very versatile for various weather conditions. It features handwarmer pockets and an adjustable hood with a laminated visor. It also stuffs into one of its own pockets, making it ideal for packing.

Futura 28

Deuter Futura 28

The Futura 28 features an airy mesh back to help wick away sweat and keep you cool. It also has an ergonomic hip belt to help you carry it easier. It has multiple pockets, and is the perfect size for beginner hikers. It is the right size for those with torsos measuring 15 - 19”.

Legacy Lite COR-TEC

Leki Legacy Lite Core-Tec

Trekking poles may not be essential for the trails you are hiking on regularly, but they do make the experience easier when you hit rough terrain. These trekking poles are smaller and stronger than others on the market, meaning there is reduced weight when bringing them along. If you are serious about hiking, you’ll want to invest in a solid set of trekking poles.

Best Hiking Gear For Women

Women's Bridger Mid BDry

Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry

For a women’s hiking boot, nothing is more important than comfort. These are lightweight, yet still feature the metal hardware and forefoot plate to help preserve the shoe’s integrity. They are waterproof and provide a lot of stability for the wearer.

Kalpana Hike Tight

Sherpa Kalpana Hike Tight

If you’ve gone hiking in jeans, you know that there just isn’t the same amount of mobility as other, more stretchy pant materials. While traditional tights and leggings are too thin to be practical for hiking, these tights are made for it. They are fade-resistant, quick-drying, durable, and breathable - all things women need in a hiking pant.

Women's Stretch Rainshadow Jacket

Patagonia Women's Stretch Rainshadow Jacket

The fabric of this jacket is lightweight enough so that you can bring it with you even if you aren’t sure you’ll need it, but is also durable enough to whisk away water during a drizzle or downpour. The fabric is stretchy, waterproof, and breathable which makes it ideal for hiking. It can also self-stuff into it’s chest pocket, making it very easy to pack.

Futura 26 SL

Deuter Futura 26 SL

The Futura 26 SL has many of the same features as the Futura 28, but it is slightly smaller. It is ideal for someone with a 14 - 18” torso.

Women's Legacy Lite COR-TEC

Leki Women's Legacy Lite Core-Tec

These trekking poles feature all of the best assets of COR-TEC’s unisex model in a size geared specifically for women. These trekking poles are among some of the most comfortable for women due to their weight and size.

Start Your Hiking Adventures with the Right Equipment from Appalachian Outfitters

As you begin hiking more, and increasing the intensity of your trails, you may need to upgrade some of your equipment. These recommendations are exactly what you need to get started, and using them will help you realize what exactly you need to be looking for in more advanced hiking equipment as well.

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