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Best Trails in Northeast Ohio

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In this world full of phones and tablets, sometimes the best thing you could do is to get away from it all on a family hike trip. The American soil is blessed with endless terrains accompanied with mesmerizing scenery. So what could be a better way to vacation than heading out for an adventure on a hike?

Whether you’re going with your family or your loved one, we have compiled a list of the best hike trails you could find in all of Northeast Ohio. Take a look and pick one for yourself:

1. The Ohio and Erie Towpath Trail

You can find this trail in Cuyahoga County that runs a good, 20 miles of stretch and is best for hiking, running or biking. If you’re into biking, you’re lucky here since they have a Bike Aboard Program where you can rent a bike and ride it for less than $10.

2. Lake Erie Bluffs

This trail boasts a good ¾ mile along the shoreline of Lack County and is popular among visitors for the splendid eagle sighting opportunities available in the region.

3. The Black River reservation

Located in Elyria, this trail welcomes over 500,000 visitors, annually. The trail also features a paved Steel Mill Trail, approximately of a two miles long stretch and allows the hikers to enjoy the breathtaking views of the nature.

4. Gorge Metro Park

This trail runs a length of 1.8 mile off a sloped hiking trail. This allows the trail to differ in ranges, from basic to rigorous, providing hikers a warm-up before they go bolting through the trail. The trail stands out for its features such as the Mary Campbell Cave and other caves of rock formation which makes it an intriguing place to explore.

5. The Mentor Marsh State Nature

This hike trail is one of its kinds and is surrounded by pastoral beauty and wildlife. Owned by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, this trail’s 1/3 miles long half, known as Wake Robin Trail, offers a relaxing walk for the hikers.

6. The Chapin Forest Reservation

Rich in historical symbolism, this trail is located in Kirtland. It features The Lucky Stone Loop Trail that is almost a mile and a half long. The best aspect of this trail is the downtown view hikers get as a reward after reaching the highest peak.

7. Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

This trail is one of the significant, standout points for Garrettsville. The trail offers numerous activities such as swimming, hiking and camping for its visitors, without costing them a fortune. Aside from hiking, the trail offers cliff diving, and visitors can devour in the exquisite dining offered by diverse eateries that surround the beach. Occasionally, music festivals are also arranged, all of which you can enjoy under $25 per person.

If you’re planning a hike trip to any of these trails and really taking up on our advice, we would also suggest you come on into one of our stores to find the best suited apparel, footwear, equipment etc. for your trip.

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