What better gift to get that special someone than hand crafted jewelry or an eco-friendly watch?-Appalachian Outfitters

What better gift to get that special someone than hand crafted jewelry or an eco-friendly watch?

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As we have been expanding our jewelry and watch selection, we aim to support local artisans and companies that are making high quality products and have sustainable practices in giving back to the environment.

In addition to the Valentine's weekend specials, we will be offering 10% off of all in stock watches!

Take a look at what we have...

WeWOOD Watch

Wewood watches are a timeless and unique gift that have a sleek, fashionable look with a touch of woodsy character. Different variations in wood color and accents give these watches the perfect variation of style and functionality. Wewood is teaming up with organizations such as Trees for the Future and American Trees to help rebuild forests. Each watch sold plants a tree somewhere around the world!

WeWOOD Watch

Bertucci watches are great gift for anyone looking for a durable and rugged watch for any adventure that life throws their way. Each watch is made with a passion for performance. We are currently carrying different styles and colors that would make a perfect gift for your favorite outdoorsy friend or significant other looking for a great everyday watch.

Bertucci watch

Handcrafted Jewelry by Local Artisans

Jewelry by Local Artisans

All jewelry we sell is hand crafted by local artisans. Each piece, whether it is made from stones found in local streams or smoothed sea glass, is different in some way. A unique gift for a unique someone. As spring is approaching, we will be receiving more styles of handmade jewelry, so stop in to check out what's new!

Jewelry by Local Artisans
Handmade necklaces
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