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Big Agnes mtnGLO Tents: Convenient Camping

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The warm days and cooler nights of late summer make it one of the best times to go camping. Thanks to Big Agnes and its newly released line of mtnGLO tents, you can go camping without a trunk load of batteries; mtnGLO tents feature LED lights that are sewn directly into the tent seams. Now campers can do more than ever without depending on unreliable flashlight batteries.


Big Agnes is one of the first companies to sew LED lights into its tent seams. Designers at Big Agnes created patent-pending mtnGLO™ Tent Light Technology that uses LED lights. These lights are integrated into the body of the tent to give campers convenience, comfort, and security with ambient lighting with just one click of a button. The mtnGLO line is one of the best integrations of light and camping gear ever seen by experts at Appalachian Outfitters.

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The LED lights are subtle enough that you can move around during the night without waking up your tent mate with a blinding flashlight. They’re also bright enough that you can play cards, sort gear, and change clothes in the privacy of your own tent.


The mtnGLO line is extensive: it includes the Copper Spur UL2 and UL3 mtnGLO, the Ripple Creek UL2+, the Rattlesnake SL1, SL2, SL3, and SL4, the Tumble 1, 2, and 3, the Rocky Peak 4, the Chimney Creek 4 and 6, the Gilpin Falls Powerhouse 4, and the Burton After Party Tent. These tents come in a wide range of styles that are designed for campers of all sizes and camping styles, whether they prefer car camping base tents, lightweight backpacking tents, or all-season portable condos where entire families can enjoy their meals together.


Big Agnes names its products after historical places, rivers, and peaks to resurrect the aura of epic, successful adventures in the outdoors. These names offer an invitation for outdoorspeople to continue exploring the world around them. Come discover the outdoors in a new way with Big Agnes mtnGLO tents!

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Big Agnes mtnGLO Line at Appalachian Outfitters

Appalachian Outfitters carries several mtnGLO products, including the Rattlesnakes SL1, SL2, and SL3 mtnGLO tents, and the Tumble 2 mtnGLO tent. Big Agnes’ mtnGLO isn’t just a line of tents but also a line of accessories; the line includes the mtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit that you can use for repairs or for adding lights to your old Big Agnes tent. To learn more or see these products in person, visit Appalachian Outfitters!

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