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Bluesign® Guarantees Sustainable Textile Practices

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More and more people are choosing to intentionally purchase items from companies that hold sustainability as a core belief. But how do consumers discern between companies that are truly sustainable and companies that are faking it? The bluesign® system guarantees that you’re purchasing quality items made with sustainable practices.

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What Is Bluesign?

How concerned are you with sustainable practices? Do you make certain that your purchases were made in environmentally efficient ways? Did the manufacturer take shortcuts and only uphold sustainability when it was convenient, or did the producers create the items through an entire system built around sustainability?

These very questions are what made the bluesign® system. In 2000, the founders established bluesign® to rate textile manufacturers on the sustainability of the overall production process. This means that to achieve bluesign certification, companies must pass an audit that inspects processes and components within the production line.

The Input Stream Management is a system that guarantees the removal of unsustainable substances from the production process. When products are made with sustainable materials, environmentally friendly approaches, and clean processes, bluesign® grants the business a certification that verifies the company’s sustainability.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a group of companies that are environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, ecological, and economical. bluesign® works hard to reduce the environmental impact of textile supply chains.

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How Does bluesign® Work?

There are five principles that bluesign uses to measure textile manufacturers.

  • Resource Productivity: Does the manufacturer sustainably use energy and raw materials? How many resources are consumed in the production process? Do the sustainability practices result in poor quality items from the company? How does the company maximize efficiency while minimizing materials used and energy spent? Using fewer resources means more efficiency in cost and sustainability – the environment is valued while the product value increases.
  • Consumer Safety: Consumers want to know that their products are high quality items made in a quality environment. Were the products made in good conditions? Are there any health risks of the product? Bluesign strives to provide consumers with peace of mind when they shop, finding companies with production processes that have the least effect on the environment and on human health.
  • Water Emission: How much water is used when products are made? Is the water purified and returned into the natural water cycle? Is the water environment kept at a healthy level? Is there minimum harm done to the aquatic environment? Companies under bluesign certification are expected to use proper wastewater treatment technology during all their processes.
  • Air Emission: Less air pollution means a better world for people, animals, and plants. Has the production process released chemicals into the air? Does the facility use efficient energy production? How much CO2 is released into the company’s air? Is exhaust air cleaned and recycled with environmental technology? Air emission is a part of every step in the production process of textiles, making bluesign targets crucial for quality air emission.
  • Occupational Health and Safety: Because of the chemicals used during textile production, it is crucial for manufacturers to take safety precautions for employees’ health and safety. Are there any localized health problems among the employees? Are the company safety measures strictly implemented? Is employee training available? Are safety precautions taken against dust and noise? Bluesign creates training programs that teach employees about storing and handling potentially dangerous substances.

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How Do You Find bluesign® at Appalachian Outfitters?

The best way to learn whether a company is bluesign® certified is to look for the signature label on the product itself. Check out our items at Appalachian Outfitters today!

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