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Plan Ahead for Boy Scout High Adventure 2018

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Are you or your children going on a Boy Scout High Adventure this year? It’s time to prepare, and what better way than by coming to our 5th Annual Preparation Day?

You’ll learn what to expect on the trip, we’ll have gear selections for you to choose from, and vendors will be there to help you decide what items are best for your needs, all in one place on February 24. So many people have found it a valuable experience that an average of 70 to 80 people attend each Preparation Day event.

Training for Outdoor Leadership

The High Adventure Bases are located throughout the US. One base hosts aquatics in Florida, and another features winter camping in the far North. These bases give Boy Scouts important experiences that form their view of how they relate to each other and the natural world surrounding them. The Boy Scouts of America use these bases to generate positive memories for young people, teaching them leadership skills and character growth in a natural environment.

The High Adventure Bases hold wilderness programs and training, like wilderness backpacking, sailing, canoeing, and more. There are also many opportunities for attending Scouts to gain their 50-Miler Award while they’re at the bases.

All of these exciting activities mean that you need a major packing and preparation list to make sure you’re ready for whatever adventures you meet along the way! The Boy Scouts provide a complete, extensive list of items that you’ll need to pack for each individual base camp—obviously you won’t need the same equipment for the far north winter base as you will for the Florida base—but here are a few overall rules that can help you pack efficiently.

Layer Up

Always layer your clothing. Whether you’re in balmy weather in Florida or in cold winter temperatures, layered clothing means you’re prepared for anything from weather changes to water bottle mishaps.

Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Base Camp Florida
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Organized Packing

Make sure your backpack is sturdy and strong enough to stand up to the weight you’ll need to carry. Check for a multitude of pockets so you can keep your items organized and tidy while you’re on the trail, saving you time and stress.

Stay Dry

Find a durable waterproof jacket that has a hood to keep you dry no matter the weather that you face. Some things about your High Adventure experience can be guaranteed, but weather is unpredictable, so you need to plan ahead!

Hiking at Philmont base

Cozy Up

Your sleeping bag needs to keep you warm in a variety of temperatures. It should weigh less than 5 lbs when it’s rolled up and packed away (you don’t want to carry a heavy sleeping bag through your entire adventure) and double check that it’s rated at 20 degrees!

Prepare for the Worst

Even though we focus on all the fun we can have in our outdoor adventures, it’s best to plan for the worst. This means that we should always bring our First Aid kits with us. Be wise and come prepared—just in case!

Handy Equipment

Climb to new heights at Boy Scout High Adventure Base camps
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Never forget the small items that are extremely helpful. You’ll need a pocket knife (it will come in handy more often than you expect), some matches or a lighter (be sure to put them in your waterproof container!), a compass, toilet paper, sunscreen (even for the northern High Adventure sites, where sunburn can still happen), and a flashlight or headlamp.

Boy Scout High Adventure Preparation Day

We look forward to seeing you February 25! Don’t forget to bring your handy list of items that you’ll need to pack and even a list of questions to ask vendors at the event.

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