Channel Your Inner “Arctic Fox” With Fjällräven Apparel

Channel Your Inner “Arctic Fox” With Fjällräven Apparel

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About 60 years ago, Ake Nordin was a young man in Northern Sweden who decided that his backpack was not up to his standards. The backpack would sag and become uneven and uncomfortable.

Nordin’s solution was a handmade wooden frame that evenly distributed his backpack weight across his back and allowed him to carry heavier loads. Several years later, Ake’s invention turned into Fjällräven (“Arctic Fox” in Swedish), which was the first company to sell framed backpacks. The company grew from small-town Ornskoldsvik to a worldwide presence. Fjällräven’s goals are still creating practical, sturdy, quality outdoor gear.

Enter Appalachian Outfitters, where we provide Fjällräven products for local Northeastern Ohio residents who want to spend more time outdoors than they spend shopping for gear. We’re excited to feature Fjällräven at our store!

Improved for Wear and Tear of the Outdoors

Fjällräven creates exceptional equipment through foresight. They consider the ways that gear needs improved for future wear and tear in the outdoors, not just stylish appearance in a comfortable store.

Fjällräven Kanken N.2 Backpack
The versatile Fjällräven Kanken No. 2 is perfect for both school and hiking.
Photo Credit: Fjällräven

For a practical, versatile product that doubles for back-to-school and outdoor gear, choose the Kanken No. 2 backpack for children. More than 35 years after Ake designed his wooden backpack frame, millions of Swedish backs have become straighter with this popular product. Its design is good for back posture, and it has multiple pockets on the sides, a zippered pocket in the front, leather handles and details, and a large main compartment.

Better Materials for Lasting Durability

With Fjällräven gear, you won’t need to shop for new products for a long time. The Swedish company develops products that will last through your many outdoor adventures and through many generations. With better materials, better production and assembly, and high standards for quality control, Fjällräven gear is built to last.

Fjällräven Greenland No.1 Down Jacket
Fjällräven’s Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket is both lightweight and sturdy for outdoor adventures!
Photo Credit: Fjällräven

The men’s Greenland No.1 Down Jacket is available in sizes XS through XXL, and its quality materials guarantee that it’s a product built to last. The outer fabric is composed of G-1000, polyester, and cotton. Polyamide makes up the lining of the jacket. The filling includes goose down and feather down, with the medium sized jacket having a total of 100g of filling. The total weight of the jacket is 830g (for size medium), amounting to a durable jacket that can withstand the elements.

Tested Integrity

Each Fjällräven product is made with the best material and the most innovative solutions, and then qualified, experienced groups of professionals test the products.

Fjällräven Stina Fleece
Try your own Fjällräven Stina Fleece at Appalachian Outfitters today!
Photo Credit: Fjällräven

The Stina Fleece for women is no exception. This comfortable fleece sweater, made from recycled polyester, has two roomy hand pockets. Its versatility has been proven on mountain hikes (the high collar blocks out winds), as a middle layer in the cold (a flap protects your chin from the zipper), or by itself on a cool evening.

Fjällräven Apparel At Appalachian Outfitters

To find your own Fjällräven backpack, jacket, or fleece, stop by Appalachian Outfitters to try one out today! Start shopping our inventory on Facebook now via!

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