Craghoppers and National Geographic: Partners In Travel

Craghoppers and National Geographic: Partners In Travel

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If you love traveling, clothing, and National Geographic, Craghoppers is the perfect place for you! Craghoppers has partnered with National Geographic to guarantee that when you buy clothing from the store’s travel collection, you also receive a free subscription to National Geographic magazine. What better way to fuel your travel bug than with clothing designed for travel and a magazine tailored to exploring the world?

Combined Strength

Craghoppers considers travel to be a lifestyle, not just a vacation. This is why their designers have created a clothing line that is ready for travel adventures at all times.

National Geographic has been a leader in conservation and worldwide travel for over 125 years. The magazine uses top notch photography and excellent stories to present readers with perception-challenging ideas that stretch their worldviews.

Combined, Craghoppers and National Geographic are honoring global travel and clothing to provide active travelers with clothes that move with them while also supporting the diversity and health of the world. By uniting the strengths of Craghoppers and NatGeo, their leaders have made a new industry and ideal for consumers who care about the world they travel.


Hand Chosen And Tested

As part of their collaboration, the two companies have hand-picked specific outdoor gear for consumers within the US. These pieces include clothing that is insect-repellent, agile, lightweight, and technologically advanced; whether you need pants, tees, shirts, or jackets, you can benefit from clothing that moves with you and reading that changes your perceptions.


Craghoppers has made and tested outdoor and travel clothing for more than 50 years. The goal is to develop clothing that is comfortable, freeing, low maintenance, and travel friendly. Outdoor and travel gear is more complicated than it seems; each piece must meet the demands of the outdoors and travel without compromising on style. Years of research have resulted in state-of-the-art fabric designs and technologies that make life easier for travelers and adventurers.

Testers, from adventure racers to photographers, have traveled the world to evaluate whether the clothing meets these important needs of travelers and adventurers, whether they’re climbing volcanoes, exploring rainforests, or sailing breathtaking coastlines. Wise travelers take advantage of the expertise and technology behind this company.


Craghoppers And National Geographic At Appalachian Outfitters

To purchase travel clothes and subscribe to NatGeo for free, visit us at Appalachian Outfitters today! (Please note that the Craghoppers-NatGeo partnership does not include hats and similar accessory items.)

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