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Snowshoeing: The Sport For Everyone

Snowshoeing is for everyone! We recently spoke with Jake Thamm, the founder of Crescent Moon Snowshoes, for a firsthand perspective on the sport of snowshoeing and the art of designing incredible snowshoes.

Jake’s passion is snowshoeing; he says that the low-impact sport is perfect for young and the elderly, men and women, friends and family. This simple, rewarding exercise has a low risk of injuries that make it ideal for quality time with loved ones this winter. The only gear for snowshoeing is snowshoes! So grab your snowshoes, call your friends and family, and enjoy a day in the snowy outdoors with your favorite people.

crescent moon snowshoes

A Fun Sport For Winter Fitness

Many winter sports, like skiing, can be difficult on joints and have a high risk of injury. Snowshoeing is such a simple, low-impact sport that many people assume that snowshoeing is only for older athletes. While it is true that the sport is not hard on your body, it is not true that snowshoeing is “for old people.” According to the Google analytics for the Crescent Moon Snowshoes website, approximately 60% of the online visitors to Crescent Moon are under 40 years old!

An Equal Design For An Equal Sport

Most outdoor activities comprise of 80% men and 20% women. In contrast, 45-50% of snowshoers are women! There should be nothing to stop women from enjoying the outdoors as much as men do, which is why innovative designers at Crescent Moon Snowshoes created tear-drop shaped snowshoes specifically engineered for women. Traditional snowshoes force outdoors people to walk with a wider stance, causing hip flexor irritation. This phenomenon occurs in both men and women, but hip flexor irritation happens more quickly in women because they’re usually shorter and lighter than men. Crescent Moon’s snowshoes are narrower than traditional snowshoes, lessening the intensity of hip flexor irritation for women.

Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Jake and his wife looked at their experience with aluminum and plastic, and they looked at snowshoeing trends and snowshoe bindings, and they decided that they had the experience and skills to create better snowshoes. Over a couple margaritas, Jake’s wife designed their first innovative single pull loop binding on a bar napkin. The couple designed the single pull loop binding to equally distribute tension across the entire snowshoe, making more comfortable snowshoes. They believe that good binding makes for a good outdoor experience, not an uncomfortable one.

Crescent Moon’s wind-powered production process, intentional recycling habits, community focus, and American-made products are not even the best parts of Crescent Moon: the snowshoes are awesome! But you don’t have to take our word for it – stop by Appalachian Outfitters to try on Crescent Moon Snowshoes for yourself!

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