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Deuter Takeover: An Authentic Company for Authentic Hikers

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At Appalachian Outfitters, we support companies that produce products that uphold their values. For this reason, Deuter is one of our favorites.

Deuter Backpack ACT Trail 30
The Deuter Backpack ACT Trail 30 has separate compartments to keep all your gear organized.
Photo Credit: Deuter

Deuter is an outdoor company made by and for outdoors people. The company designs quality products, and they take proactive measures to preserve nature for future generations. Deuter wants long-term, positive outcomes for the planet, not just the company. This is why Deuter unites ecology, economy, and social commitment to create outstanding products that mirror the company’s values.

  • Safety: Not only does Deuter care about its employee safety, it also creates backpacks that are designed to keep you safe. The unique structures the support their backpacks will help your back stay strong and injury free.
  • Environment: The company strives for a positive work environment within its walls, and while it preserves the natural environment as much as possible, you can do your part, too, when you purchase a Deuter backpack, made with environmentally friendly processes and materials. Mutual respect for employees, the planet, and the customer result in a positive relationship for everyone.
  • Individuality: Deuter ensures good opportunities for employees to develop themselves through education and training that is a good fit for their personality and their professional goals. They also prioritize individuality by designing backpacks that are unique to men and women. You are unique – and your backpack should be unique too.
  • Reliability: Deuter works hard to make a reliable company, and it also works hard to make reliable backpacks for hikers who need sturdy equipment. Each backpack has special details to make it stronger than the competition.
  • Reputation: Deuter has a reputation of staying ahead of the competition by creating unique designs with durable materials. Trust Deuter to help you do the same – stay ahead of your friendly competition and aim for enduring the wilds of nature. Simplicity: In our busy, modern lives, we could all do with more simplicity. Every feature on a Deuter backpack is for a reason. Nothing is superfluous. As you prioritize what is most important in your busy life, Deuter will support you.
  • Optimal: As Deuter develops more and more products that are higher and higher quality, you can expect the same high standards from your Deuter gear and your athletic performance.

Deuter Airlite 28
The Deuter Airlite 28 has an AirComfort back system to keep you feeling cool while you hike.
Photo Credit: Deuter

We have three favorites in the Deuter backpack series: Airlite, ACT Trail, and ACT Trail Pro. To show our support for the development of Deuter and your outdoor goals, we’re hosting a Deuter Takeover of our store! This month, visit our store to try out our Deuter backpack selection and take one home with you. Deuter backpacks are the perfect investment for your autumn outdoor gear.

Deuter Takeover At Appalachian Outfitters

For the whole month of October, we’re featuring a Deuter Takeover of Appalachian Outfitters! Stop by our store to find your ideal Deuter backpack today!

Deuter ACT Trail Pro
The Deuter ACT Trail Pro has a smooth, athletic look that brings hiking to a new level.
Photo Credit: Deuter

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