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Deuter Trekking Backpacks: Specialized, Durable Gear

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When we prepare for our summer hiking adventures, we turn to Deuter Trekking Backpacks for one of our most important pieces of gear. Deuter, a German company, aims to create functional, quality outdoor gear for active outdoors people around the world. The business leaders and staff truly enjoy finding innovative ways to accomplish this goal, making it one of the leading companies at Appalachian Outfitters.

Deuter designers create outdoor gear for outdoor people

Uniquely Geared for the Outdoors

Because of Deuter’s passion for outdoor sports, its designers create gear that is specially designed for use in outdoor applications. Each Deuter employee is trained to be personally responsible for developing equipment that helps to protect and preserve the beautiful natural world around us.

Using unique materials is just one way that Deuter strives to make the best products on the market. The fabric is all strong but lightweight, allowing backpackers to carry more gear and take less from the natural world.

  • Super Polytex fabric includes 600 den Polyester thread covered in thick PU coating.
  • The Ripstop 210 Denier Nylon threads make an ultra-tight weave is ideal for Alpine and Trekking models.
  • Macro Lite 210 includes 210 denier and 420 denier density; this high density denier polyamide resists damage and features PU coating.

Specialized fabrics make this backpack durable and lightweight.

Teamwork for the Best Work

Deuter also seeks sustainable success and teamwork. It unites ecology, economy, and social commitment into a single purpose for long-term success. One of the ways Deuter does this is through safety; fair wages and safe working environments are crucial to Deuter’s reputation. The brand is also concerned with the safety of hikers, which explains its latest innovation: Aircontact.

Deuter’s unique Aircontact backpack design has been rated as “indestructible.” Its clean, modern design has everything you need and nothing extra that will weigh you down. Hip fins give you more comfort, fabrics guarantee more durability, the structure is flexible but stable, and the pack doesn’t inhibit your movements. With every move hikers make, the pack allows air to breathe through the pack and prevent uncomfortable perspiration and heat.

Breathable comfort is a unique feature of this outdoor gear.

Individual Designs for Individual Needs

Deuter goes above and beyond to cater to the individual; there’s no “one size fits all”. Anatomically, women’s backs usually are not as long as men’s backs, so they need a smaller design to evenly distribute the backpacks without causing them serious injury. Engineers at Deuter created these packs to match the unique needs of women and men.

Personalized fits are important for long-wearing comfort on long treks.

Deuter Trekking Backpacks at Appalachian Outfitters

Just a few of the things that make Deuter unique are its specialization and market orientation. The company makes it a goal to please customers and stay ahead of the competition, making a strong reputation for innovation. This is why we stock the entire line of Deuter Trekking Backpacks at our Appalachian Outfitters store. Contact us today or stop in to shop!

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