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Edelrid: Dynamic Sustainability in Climbing Equipment

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How can we enjoy the natural world without using gear that harms the very outdoors we enjoy so much? One way is using sustainable gear from companies that are environmentally responsible—companies like Edelrid.

Edelrid GmbH & Co. KG (Edelrid) is a company based in Allgau, Germany, that creates, manufactures, and markets gear for climbing, technical industries, occupational safety, and adventure parks. What makes Edelrid stand out to Appalachian Outfitters? The company’s bluesign® partnership and sustainability practices.


Celebrating More Than 150 Years of Success

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In 1863, Julius Edelmann, a salesman and mountaineer, along with Carl Ridder, a technician with specialized experience in braiding machines, established Edelmann & Ridder. The company is more than 150 years old, and up until 2001, and it was a family-owned business. In 2006, it joined the VAUDE company Group, and through all the changes, Edelrid still upholds a reputation for quality products and processes.

On top of meeting numerous quality management system standards, all the products are made for the best in technology, quality, and function. Each piece is developed for the specific needs of its users. Their “Made in Germany” tagline is a commitment to quality products and innovation, and Edelrid has earned several design awards for its standards.        

Higher Standards for Sustainability

Edelrid Cordage

Additionally, Edelrid values environmental responsibility. The company makes environmental responsibility a key part of its process, beginning with production and ending with recycling leftover materials.

In fact, in 2009, Edelrid earned bluesign® status and awarded the company as the first dynamic ropes manufacturer that created its rope products completely free of harmful substances. Two years later, the company began making all of its slings and ropes according to bluesign® standards. In summer 2013, all Edelrid stitching done at the company’s Isny location also because bluesign® approved.

Edelrid and bluesign® work together closely to guarantee that the Germany-based company is meeting the high standards of bluesign®. Sustainability is an important part of Edelrid’s company mission, and its dedication to respecting our physical world and the people in it is demonstrated by its bluesign® collaboration.

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It is unusual for bluesign® approval to be granted for climbing equipment. Most climbing equipment is made of aluminum, which wears down more easily from the friction from climbing ropes, creating dust that can be harmful to the environment. To reach bluesign® standards, Edelrid makes climbing equipment out of steel, creating “bullet-proof carabiners” that prevent harmful aluminum dust from releasing into the environment.

Even with sustainable practices, Edelrid doesn’t compromise on quality of gear. The company’s designers collaborate with professional climbers, mountain guides, mountain sports enthusiasts, and sponsoring partners to create and optimize the gear according to the practical needs of real outdoors people.

Each rope is designed with care and expertise, sustainable practices, and quality materials. Lightweight, durable, and certified for quality, these ropes are among the best that climbers can use—without harming the environment.

Edelrid and bluesign® Products Available at Appalachian Outfitters

Edelrid and bluesign® products are available at Appalachian Outfitters. Visit our store to learn more about our sustainable products and find environmentally responsible climbing equipment!



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