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Environmentally Responsible Gear: The New Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme Eco

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Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme Eco paddling in water
Enjoy the outdoors with a clean conscience when you wear Columbia’s latest rain jacket, Outdry Extreme Eco.
Photo Credit: Columbia

At Appalachian Outfitters, the best way to give back to the environment is never taking from it in the first place. This includes using recycle materials, decreasing water consumption, not using dyes, and more – without compromising quality and performance of outdoor gear.

Not many products measure up to this level, but one that does meet our standards for environmental practices and outdoor performance is the latest Columbia Rain Jacket, Outdoor Extreme Eco.

Meet Your New Favorite Outdoor Gear

Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme Eco life cycle
Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme Eco pictures sustainability from start to finish.
Photo Credit: Columbia

The Outdoor Extreme Eco rain jacket from Columbia has unique features that are unparalleled in outdoor performance. Features include:

  • Recycled Materials For Every Piece: This jacket is made with 100% recycle material. Each jacket is comprised of 21 recycle bottles to prevent more waste in the environment, and each label, zipper pull, toggle, eyelet, and thread is made with recycled materials.
  • Responsible Technology For Protection: Most rain jackets use PFC water repellents to make the material waterproof, but Columbia designed OutDry Extreme to resist water without using bio-accumulative PFCs.
  • Preventing Waste Before It Happens: Columbia made a production method that decreases water consumption, further reducing waste in manufacturing the jacket. The jacket is white because designers didn’t use any dyes, saving more than 13 gallons of water – it’s a clean palette for a clean planet.
  • Dry Inside And Out: The fabric wicks away moisture with advanced technology, keeping you dry from the rain and from sweat. The material is made with more ventilation for better breathability while you wear it.
  • Cleaning Up Water Sources: Without wasting water, throwing out plastic bottles, and washing away bioaccumulative PFCs, Columbia has decreased landfill burdens and energy excess for oil extraction.
  • Reducing Stains, Wear, and Tear: The new Columbia jacket does not trap dirt and stains like dyed textile fabrics. Instead, dirt can be easily wiped away with a cloth. This further decreases waste in cleaning the jacket after you purchase it.

Additional features of the jacket include external seam tape, an attached and adjustable storm hood, zippered hand pockets, a bonded visor, hem, and cuffs, draw cord adjustable hem, and adjustable contoured sleeve cuffs.The Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme Eco At Appalachian Outfitters

Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme Eco beaded water
Watch water drip away from the surface of your very own Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme ECo.
Photo Credit: Columbia

Visit our store in person to try on the new Columbia Rain Jacket Outdry Extreme Eco. Find your size and take yours home so you can explore nature with a clean conscience by guaranteeing its future for generations to come.


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