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The Essentials of Backpacking

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No matter how great of a hiker you are, it is impossible to master or enjoy the art of this sport without your essentials. It is important for hikers to carry with them the necessary and, in some critical situations, life-saving items with them. The journey of a hike may seem like a heavenly getaway, but if you are unprepared, the uncertainty can turn it into a nightmare.

This is why we urge hikers to always focus on their backpack essentials as much as they focus on working out before a hike. We have created a list of backpacking essentials that is going to help you pack your bag!

The essentials include:

1. Water

Before going on a hike, it is fair to assume that your body will most likely get overworked and physically exhausted. Perspiration will also be one of your biggest nuisances due to the outdoor exercise. You must always carry plenty of water in your backpack to make sure you never dehydrate.

2. First aid

Rock climbing or hiking is not as safe or comfortable as falling on your carpeted floor. An injury during a hike could be more painful and dangerous than a regular one. Make sure your backpack always has a first aid box in it in case you injure yourself.

3. Maps and Compasses

Whether you’re hiking at George Metro Park or Black River Reservation in North Ohio, make sure your backpack has a detailed map of the area, clearly marking the routes for your ease in hiking and important landmarks. Compasses are constant companions of maps. To actually read and direct your way from the map, make sure your compass is always on the go.

4. Flashlights

In this list, we are concentrating on the essentials that will come handy in an unpredicted situation. In the case of some late night incident, it is always safe to carry a flashlight due to the unavailability of electricity in open areas.

5. Whistles

Most people prefer to hike in large groups to keep themselves accompanied and so that they can spend some quality time with their family and friends. Sometimes, a large group of people is the reason someone gets lost! For emergencies, if you get lost, you can grab a whistle from your backpack and call for help!

6. Tools

Hiking is an adventure of discovery. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for you at the peak of a hill. You could discover a tree full of coconuts and it would be a lifetime of regret if you couldn’t devour the fruit. It is always suggested to carry a couple of essential tools like pocket knives, scissors, wire cutters and etc to aid you in food preparation or rope cutting.

7. ProtectivesFor your summer hike, you NEED your protectives! You need protection from these pig-headed mosquitoes that will feast your blood dry or the bugs who will bite your skin off your body if you aren’t wearing an insect repellent. The sun isn’t easy either and sunscreen is a must if you don’t want your skin to turn into a ball of fire! We understand how important it is for you to have the perfect hiking backpack; lightweight and roomy. This is where Appalachian Outfitters steps in to help you find the perfect backpack for your essentials!

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