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Essential Outdoor Cooking Equipment Every Camper Needs

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What is the best camping cooking equipment to take with you on your next trip? A reliable, portable stove, a durable set of cookware and some utensils will cover your basic needs. When you want to take things to the next level, a coffee maker or cooler enables you to enjoy some creature comforts in your home away from home. Of course, no outdoor camping cooking equipment list can be considered exhaustive without mentioning grilling supplies, be it campfire grill baskets or a traditional camping grill. Below, we break down more essential cooking equipment for camping, so keep reading.

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Outdoor Camping Cooking Equipment – the Essentials

Before we dive into this list, it’s important to consider our differences. What one person thinks is essential, another will call it a waste of money. The truth is, we’re all fond of different things.

Since you’re on the lookout for essential equipment, though, for the purposes of this article, we assume you’re searching for ways to cover your bare necessities next time you find yourself in the great outdoors.

outdoor camping cooking equipment

Portable Stove & Fuel

Nobody likes living exclusively off of canned food and granola bars. A warm meal to sustain yourself after a long day’s worth of hiking keeps your strength up for the rest of your trip. A portable camping stove makes our list at the number one spot for this reason – just make sure to bring a tank of fuel and a lighter along with you.

Durable Cookware

Now that you have the means to prepare a meal, you need something to cook and eat with. It’s vital to bring a solid skillet or saucepan with you on your next camping trip. A bowl, a set of plates, and mugs also constitute absolute outdoor cooking essentials.

Utensils & Cleaning Supplies

Regardless of what diet you follow or how experienced you are with camping, at some point, you’ll need a set of cooking utensils. Here’s what you need to bring with you:

  • Camping Knives
  • Forks
  • Spoons
  • Cutting board
  • Wooden spatula/spoon
  • Tongs

After you’ve finished eating, you’ll want to clean your utensils and dishes for next use. To maintain proper hygiene, bring dish soap along with a sponge or scrubber. A collapsible sink comes in handy, especially if you're camping in areas where water sources are limited.

essential outdoor camping cooking equipment

Portable Coffee Maker

Some of us can’t live without coffee. It’s no wonder then that, for many, a portable coffee maker is essential when going camping. A Moka pot will serve you perfectly well if you’re also bringing a portable stove along and fulfill that need for a steaming cup of coffee in the brisk morning air.


Heading out for a trip in warmer weather? A cooler to keep your beverages ice cold all the time will certainly make for a nice addition to your arsenal. On top of chilling your drinks, it can also act as a portable fridge to keep your perishables fresh.

Water Equipment

Established campgrounds may grant you access to a source of freshwater. When going off the beaten path, however, ensuring that you have enough water to keep yourself hydrated and clean for the entirety of your trip becomes that much more important.

If space and weight aren't an issue, you could consider getting a large water jug. Other than that, insulated water bottles, cups, or mugs are perfectly viable options. If you can’t guarantee access to clean water, remember to take care of filtration needs as well, for example, via a straw filter.

Small Fold-out Table

Enjoying your food and drink from your lap isn’t always possible or sensible. For those times when it’s really preferable to sit down and set your food on something solid, a fold-out table should do the trick and make your eating arrangement much more comfortable.

Grilling Supplies

To some, camping is synonymous with a roaring bonfire. If you're planning to cook over an open flame, be sure to bring along grilling supplies. Skewers are perfect for roasting marshmallows or kebabs, while grill baskets make it easy to cook vegetables or delicate fish without fear of them falling into the flames.

Other options include cast iron skillets or griddles due to their innate ability to withstand high heat. Pick and choose whichever implements you want to set up the best cookout under the stars.

The Takeaway

When completing your set of outdoor cooking camping equipment, choose gear that is tailored to your own preferences. Durable cookware and utensils will last you for years and many camping trips, so investing in quality gear is definitely worth your money.

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