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Finding Your Fit: Mystery Ranch Backpacks Feature Unique, Innovative Designs

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Whether you’re backpacking for an hour or for a week, the last thing you need is a pack that hurts with every step. For a comfortable backpack, we recommend the designs from Mystery Ranch Backpacks:

Mystery Ranch Dragon Slayer Hunting Pack
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Gray Mystery Ranch Backpack placed amid chopped firewood for a campsite.

  • T-100: The largest of the Mystery Ranch packs, this 100-liter volume is for long trips. The compartments make organizing on the trail easier.
  • Terraplane: For long trips, this back has simplified compartments for easy packing and organization.
  • Glacier and Women’s Glacier: This large, weather-resistant pack has enough space for basics (the detachable lid becomes a hip sack for day trips) plus luxuries (the pack has room for large sleeping bags).
  • Women’s Mystic: For light weekend backpacking, this bag has a special yoke for comfortable support and a center-front zipper for better organization.
  • Sphinx: Carry minimalism into the outdoors with this light weekend backpack, featuring a removable lid.
  • Ravine and Women’s Flume: This pack is designed for organized backpackers, hikers, and climbers who only need a camera, puffy jacket, and basic camp kit.

maiden noir mystery ranchy backpack 2
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Close-up view of the detailed zippers and straps of Mystery Ranch Backpacks.

Where to Start When Shopping for a Backpack

Choosing just one Mystery Ranch pack can feel overwhelming. How do you find the perfect fit for your backpack?

Size: This depends on how long you plan to camp. A weekend pack should carry enough gear for 1-3 nights (30-50 liters), which means planning ahead and packing carefully. Multiday packs should support 3-5 nights (50-80 liters) of gear; these packs are also useful for winter trips, as they hold bulkier gear. Extended-trip backpacks are for more than 5 nights (70+ liters).

Fit: Your torso – not your height! – determines how your backpack fits. Your bag should be the approximate length of your torso (this is why packs are sized from small to large) with a comfortable but snug feeling at your hips; about 80% of the pack’s weight should rest on your hips, which is why hipbelts come in sizes from 20” to 40”. Even though it adds weight, adjustable suspension tailors your pack to your torso if the pre-sized packs don’t fit.

Support: Think about your terrain and your gear. These factors determine your choice of internal-frame backpacks (boosting your stability), external-frame backpacks (carrying irregular, heavy items or extra gear), frameless backpacks (minimizing weight for fast, light hiking), and sternum straps (increasing stability in tough terrain).

mystery ranch assault pack 6
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A detailed view of the inside of the Mystery Ranch Backpacks frame.

Women’s Backpacks: These are designed with smaller, shorter, narrower frames. The shoulder straps and hipbelts have unique features created for women’s bodies.

Extras: Even though it isn’t necessary for your pack to have a hydration reservoir, we recommend backpacks with this feature; keeping hydrated is important while you’re in nature. All other details – ventilation, top-loading openings, pocket style and size, removable daypacks, padding, attachment points, load lifter straps, and raincovers – are up to your personal preference.

Mystery Ranch ASAP Winter Mountain
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Mystery Ranch Backpacks and a snowy mountain view.

Mystery Ranch Packs at Appalachian Outfitters

Originally Dana Design, today’s Mystery Ranch Backpacks integrate modern materials, attractive designs, and innovation structure. Take your adventure to the next level of comfort and durability with Mystery Ranch Backpacks – visit one of our three location today to find yours!

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