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Foam Rolling with Tiger Tail USA to Relieve Chronic Muscle Pain

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What if there were a way to eliminate muscle soreness after a tough workout? Or what about releasing tight muscles without the expense of visiting a healthcare professional? Now there’s a way—with Tiger Tail USA!

Tiger Tail USA is a company that designs quality, ergonomic tools for muscle care. But they create more than just foam rollers! Each tool style has unique grip and friction to relax tight muscles, fascia, soreness, and aches.

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Why Use a Foam Roller?

In 2006, Spring Faussett, the founder of Tiger Tail USA, experienced chronic pain for a year and a half. Between doctor visits, prescription medications, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, and more, Faussett spent $5,000 and endured debilitating pain for over a year. She finally found relief with a medical massage therapist who removed the pain in just eight appointments.

Now Faussett knows that your body has 696 muscles supporting every breath and movement. Clinical studies show between 70 and 85 percent of all bodily pain is from muscles with small knots, called trigger points. Faussett also knows it only takes one week of working with Tiger Tail USA products to eliminate significant pain from small muscle knots. “My mission is to change the way people think about pain,” says Faussett. Forego the pain pills and doctor visits and relax your muscles with Tiger Tail USA tools!

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What Causes Muscle Knots?

Sometimes muscle knots develop because muscles are injured or overworked (in the case of marathon runners or other athletes), or because they’re underused (like sitting at a desk all day and then lounging on the couch all night).

Muscle knots happen when muscle fibers, or sarcomeres, contract tightly and don’t relax. When contracted for long periods of time, these muscles cut off oxygen and blood supply to the area, causing more pain and waste to gather in the hurting muscle. Similar to when your leg or arm falls asleep and feels tingly and numb, muscle contractions cut off circulation at a smaller level.

Fortunately, rubbing the muscle will force the contraction to relax and reintroduce blood and oxygen to the region. As the muscle regains feeling and circulation, the pain will go away.

Muscle knots can be a variety of sizes, from a pinhead to a macaroni noodle or even larger. You know you have a muscle knot when you touch your muscle and it hurts, when you have decreased range of motion or flexibility, or when you’re not as strong as you once were.

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What Can You Do About Chronic Pain?

Experts report that almost one-third of adults experience chronic pain, and between $60 and $100 billion is spent each year in health care expenses, reduced income, and decreased productivity due to pain. Since 70 to 85% of pain is caused by muscle knots, reducing muscle knots could help one-third of adults.

Here are a few general tips when you first begin using your new Tiger Tail USA tools:
  • Relax your muscles as your foam roller rolls over them.
  • Use approximately 10 pounds of pressure on your muscles, depending on how sore the muscle knot feels.
  • Aim for a “good hurt” between 5 or 7 on a 1 to 10 scale of pain.
  • Massage a specific muscle group between 10 and 20 seconds, pressing a little harder into the muscle with each roll.
  • Don’t roll directly on bones.
  • Return to stubborn muscle knots as much as two or three times to encourage healing and relaxation.

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Tiger Tail USA at Appalachian Outfitters

Appalachian Outfitters is excited to now carry Tiger Tail USA products. Start using the variety of tools to eliminate muscle knots and reduce the pain you and your loved ones experience on a daily basis. Visit Appalachian Outfitters today to shop Tiger Tail USA!

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