Giesswein: Your Own Unique, Natural Comfort

Giesswein: Your Own Unique, Natural Comfort

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An Austrian company called Giesswein recently joined the shelves at Appalachian Outfitters! These slippers have excellent support for tired feet, and they keep toes cozy warm through the cold winter months. Plus they can be personalized – Giesswein creates appliques like owls and frogs that make your slippers uniquely your own. Be sure to keep Giesswein in mind for the upcoming holiday season!



Giesswein designers created every part of the slipper to come from natural products and feel natural on your feet. They started with wool as their foundation 60 years ago. Most of Giesswein’s wool is sourced from spinning mills within the EU, but they usually buy the wool from outside Europe. There are not enough sheep in the EU for a large business like Giesswein, which needs about 250,000 sheep for its products. Most of the wool begins in the farms in Australia, which have around 160 million sheep, or 14% of the world’s sheep.


Wool can protect you from cold, wind, and moisture with its breathable fabric. It’s also water proof and a great temperature regulator. Our ancestors have used this fabric for thousands of years; its timelessness is a testimony to its quality.


The lightweight rubber soles and the pure wool keep your feet comfortable and warm, but they also don’t make your feet sweat. Thanks to innovative designers at Giesswein, these slippers feature numerous air cells that make the slippers great for reducing sweat and for walking. From the rubber sole, which is flexible, lightweight, non-slip, and completely natural, to the soft feeling of the inner soles, which are made from two refined virgin wools, Giesswein slippers are like nothing else.



Austria’s Giesswein has created more than 200 styles of shoes that are available in over 30 colors. There are 36 different sizes to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you. There’s no “one style for all” mindset with these slippers. There are also many different kinds of appliques that are made in the Giesswein style, guaranteeing that your slippers are 100% unique to you!


Giesswein And Appalachian Outfitters

The best kinds of gifts are the ones that keep you warm and comfortable all winter long. Choose a pair of Giesswein slippers for yourself or your loved ones at Appalachian Outfitters!

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