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Gift Idea Countdown Part 2

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Holiday shopping can be challenging. There’s always someone who seems to have it all! This is why we’ve created our gift idea countdown part 2, which lists some of our favorite items to buy for our loved ones!

Fits Socks

 #1: Keep Toes Warm

Choose Fits Socks as your perfect stocking stuffer! They’re made out of one of the best materials around – merino wool. This makes them perfect for both daily use and hiking adventures. US-made and colorful, they’re also fire resistant and available in a variety of different weights. ($18 – $24 at Appalachian Outfitters)

Hottotties Fleece Performance Leggings

#2: Be Bright

One of our favorites is Hottotties Fleece Performance Leggings. Fleece materials keep you warm, whether you wear them alone or as part of your layering system. These leggings are available in a variety of colors, so you can individualize them for your loved ones. ($18 at Appalachian Outfitters.)

Nalgene Water Bottle

#3: Take Hydration With You

No matter the tricky person on your shopping list, Nalgene Water Bottle and Splashguard are ideal. Nalgenes are known for their quality, and splashguards make it easy to drink on the go. You can choose from a regular wide mouth or mini mouth size. ($12 + $3.25 at Appalachian Outfitters.)

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Traveler

#4: Travel Light

Every family has a travel addict. For yours, choose the Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Traveler. This lightweight traveling pillow is small and easily inflatable, making it easy to pack. Plus it’s comfortable, so naps come easily! ($34.95 at Appalachian Outfitters.)

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

#5: See Clearly

Adventurers need to see in the dark, and thanks to the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, it’s easy to make your way through the dark and the wet weather. This headlamp includes a red light for night vision, lock out features, and waterproof resistance. With its 160 lumens, it has both full and dimmed power. ($49.95 at Appalachian Outfitters.)

Warmies Stuff Elephant

#6: Cuddle Up

People of all ages will love a Cozy Plush Stuffed Animal. These organic stuffed animals are filled with 100% natural grains so that they can be microwaved for heat. They make the perfect cuddle buddy! ($24.99 at Appalachian Outfitters.)

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug

#7: Take Warmth On The Go

We recommend the Hydro Flask Coffee Mug for the person who is always on the go but likes hot beverages! This flask will keep coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm for lengthy periods of time, helping you stay warm, too! ($25.99 at Appalachian Outfitters.)

Opinel Knives #6

#8: Be Prepared

Adventurers never know when they’ll need a sharp edge. Keep your loved one prepared with Opinel Knives #6-9. These great knives also have a case to keep the knife in its place. You can rest easier knowing your adventurer is prepared for anything with this perfect EDC. ($11.95 – $14.49 at Appalachian Outfitters)

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