We’re Giving Away 4 Tickets to the Akron Zoo-Appalachian Outfitters

We’re Giving Away 4 Tickets to the Akron Zoo

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We are pairing up with The Akron Zoo to give away four FREE zoo tickets to one lucky winner! Make a purchase at Appalachian Outfitters between August 23 and August 31 to be entered into the drawing.

There are few more fulfilling activities than supporting your local community. Here at Appalachian Outfitters we believe in so many of our local organizations, one being The Akron Zoo.

The Akron Zoo has over 700 animals from around the world. Because of their state-of-the-art exhibit designs, this zoo is the only one in the US where you can have close encounters with penguins, lions, Komodo dragons, lemurs, tigers and many others.

Even if you’re not the lucky winner, you won’t want to miss some of these highlights...

Grizzly Ridge is now open

The zoo recently opened a 4-acre expansion called Grizzly Ridge. This exhibit includes bald eagles, an aviary, grizzly bears, river otters, red wolves and coyotes. An interactive otter slide runs straight through the otter exhibit giving participants an up close look into their habitat.

Grizzly Ridge at The Akron Zoo
Photo Credit: The Akron Zoo

Touch a Stingray at the reef exhibit

Journey to the Reef, which opened in 2012, features 17 aquariums full of animals that live on or near the reef. See jellyfish, stingrays, an octopus and other fascinating underwater animals. The exhibit also includes a touch tank which gives brave visitors the opportunity to touch stingrays.

Journey to the Reef at The Akron Zoo
Photo Credit: The Akron Zoo

Meet the baby Snow Leopards

For the second time in zoo history, snow leopard cubs were born! Makalu, the male and Malaya the female, were born on April 14, 2014. These adorable snow leopards are starting to develop their own personalities.

Sarah Kirkman, their primary keeper says that, “Malaya is more outgoing and independent. She was the first born, the first to open her eyes, the first to climb out of the nest box and the first to eat meat. She is definitely a go getter. Makalu has a calmer disposition, but is very curious. He spends a lot of time interacting with enrichment and new scents.” They are on exhibit one hour per day, but as they get older, they will spend more time interactive with visitors.

Snow Leopard cubs at The Akron Zoo
Photo Credit: The Akron Zoo

More about sponsorship & programs at the Akron Zoo:

  • Kids: Pancakes with Penguins, Princess and Pirate Night, Boo at the Zoo, and Breakfast with Santa and the Animals.
  • Adults: Football Tailgating Party (Sept 10) and Oktoberfest (Oct 1). These events have 10 breweries and food trucks, all while the zoo is open and the animals are active. Tickets cost $17 for Akron Zoo members and $23 for non-Akron Zoo members. These tickets include tasting cards and shot glasses (full-sized beers are available for purchase).
  • Senior Citizens: Senior Safari (Sept 5) where seniors 62 and older receive $5.00 admission into the Zoo.
  • Everyone: One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experience (Dec 4). There will be twenty local artists and vendors in attendance, making it the perfect opportunity for holiday shopping.

The Akron Zoo is open all year, and one of the best times to visit is during the winter. These cooler months mean admission discounts and typically the animals are more active. Now’s the time to join us in the fun at the Akron Zoo!

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