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For a Healthy Summer Visit Farmer’s Market at Howe Meadow

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Healthy eats at Howe Meadow Farmer’s Market
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Are you thinking of ways to plan for an active, healthy summer? Start at the Countryside Farmers’ Market at Howe Meadow. It’s more than a place – it’s a community. Not only do they sell great food, but they also host a variety of workshops and events. With over sixty different vendors, it’s the largest farmers’ market in the area; you’re sure to find what you’re seeking.

Some previous classes include baking bread, brewing beer, and managing your farm as a business. One class this summer will teach you how to make healthy meals quickly, which is ideal for dinner after long workdays.

Food swaps are a great way to expand your recipe box. All you need is something you have either made or grown. Bring it to trade for someone else’s. You won’t regret it!

Why should you shop at the farmers’ market?

  • The produce will have fewer chemicals and preservatives. By shopping at the farmers’ market, you’re providing healthier food for you and your family.
  • The food tastes better than what you can buy at your closest chain store. Maybe your kids will stop complaining about eating their vegetables!
  • There is a greater variety of fruits and vegetables than at the nearest nationwide store. Because the food is from the local area, the produce is grown for nutrition rather than the long trip to the supermarket.
  • You’re supporting your local community.

Do you want to be more involved in the Countryside Farmers’ Market? You can volunteer to teach classes, play music, direct traffic, or help coordinate events.

May 10th to October 25th, every Saturday from 9am to noon, you can find the Countryside Farmers’ Market at

4040 Riverview Rd.
Peninsula, OH 44264

At Appalachian Outfitters, we support our local community and encourage others to eat healthily. We love Countryside Farmers’ Market at Howe Meadow. We will see you there!

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