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Hiking in Sandals

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By: Kristine C.

Looking for sandals that are durable, supportive, comfortable, fun, and last for multiple summers? Chaco, Keen, and Teva, make high quality hiking sandals that stand the test of time and provide the stability needed to endure longer hikes. We carry a wide selection of hiking sandals from each brand in our store.


Chacos are one of the most supportive and durable options on the market. Some of the best aspects of Chacos are the PU (polyurethane) bottom sole, the arch support, and the customizable continuous strap.Chaco Z2
- PU bottom sole: what even is PU? PU is a type of rubber that stands up to the testament of time. It is a denser version of some of the other rubbers so that it won’t compress over time, giving you more years of enjoyment out of your shoe. All while still providing an extreme amount of comfort in the shoe. Pro tip, the bottoms of Chacos are re-soleable, so you can get another couple years of life out of your sandals without spending the full price on a brand new shoe.

- Arch support: Chacos have the most arch support out of any other hiking sandal which means that your knees, back, and hips will be supported when you wear these for a long time. They are the ultimate Cedar Point shoe for the long lines, steps, and water rides to keep you comfortable for longer

- Customizable continuous strap: with a strap that runs through the bottom of the shoe, this strap system allows for an extremely customized fit to keep you comfortable, happy, and blister free!


Keens are one of the softest hiking sandals out there. Many of our customers put these on their feet and walk out with them in the same day! We’d say that the best feature of Keen sandals are the toe coverage and soft foot bed.
Keen Newport H2

- Toe coverage: with this mega toe coverage, the Keens are great for anyone concerned with stubbing their toes or getting dirt caught between your toes.

- Soft foot bed: there is no comparison, these are probably the softest hiking sandals in the store with an EVA (elastic polymer material) bottom sole. This guy feels like stepping on a cloud. A cloud that will carry you through beaches, valleys, and streams to your happy place.


Tevas are a classic. These are one of the most tried, tested, and true hiking sandals. They are both nostalgic and vintage. They will remind you of the good ole days. Some of the best features of Teva sandals are the low profile and open air construction.
Teva Tierra

- Low profile: great for anyone with sensitive arches, these will provide support while lending comfort so you won’t feel pressure poking you in the arch.

- Open air construction: born in the canyon, these shoes perform fantastically in hot and dry environments like the Grand Canyon, Florida, or even CVNP on a dry day.

Come on in and let our staff help you find the perfect hiking sandal for this summer!
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