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Howler Brothers: Something Worth Howling About

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Does this winter weather have you dreaming about spring? We can’t wait for warmer weather either, especially because we’ll be getting in new items from Howler Brothers in the spring. But until then, we have plenty of fall and winter apparel for you to shop.

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Inspired by Nature

Howler Brothers is a casual lifestyle, men’s only clothing brand that began in Austin, Texas. Founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian are bonded through the love of fishing, surfing, paddling, fire pit relaxation, limes and tequila, early morning coffee, and all-around good times in the outdoors.

Heard and Stepanian enjoyed their youth the most when they were fishing and surfing in Florida and Virginia. Today they live in Texas with their families and still make time to fly fish and visit nearby coasts and rivers as often as possible.

While the two friends were on surf trips to Costa Rica, they heard the inspiration for their company’s name. That’s right—they heard it! The loudest animal in North America is the Howler Monkey, a sound that instantly draws your attention. Heard and Stepanian realized that after they heard the Howler Monkey call a few times, they recognized it as a constant reminder of the Central American atmosphere, a feel-good “you’re doing what you love in a beautiful place” call from nature.

Taking this inspiration home with them, the friends created Howler Brothers for limited run, high quality items and apparel reminiscent of surfing and coastal sports, and the feel-good memories this atmosphere brings. Howler Brother gear is designed for life in water, on boats, or relaxing around late-night fire pits—or for those times when you wish you could be in the outdoors.

The company has grown gradually over the years. Its first home was in Heard’s garage, and its second was an office park. Now Howler Brothers is located in Austin, Texas, and the apparel is available at Appalachian Outfitters, where you can experience the clothing line’s quality for yourself.

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Designed by Integrity

The founders’ top priority is operating the business with an honest, pure approach, even when it’s difficult to do. This means designing and manufacturing all of Howler Brothers’ items in a way that upholds honesty and purity.

Each clothing design has soul, passion, and timeless style, indicative of fly fishing and surfing. Heard and Stepanian update traditional designs by adding water, waves, geographic, art, and fashion details that give a modern flair. Functional designs, attention to detail, and quality are keys that set Howler Brothers clothing apart from other brands.

Because the company only has small batch production and collaboration, the apparel isn’t too traditional or too trendy. Partnerships with craftsmen and artists keep the styles original to Howler Brothers.

Stunt Monkey Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Photo Credit: Howler Brothers

Howler Brothers Available at Appalachian Outfitters

We can’t wait to unveil new spring 2019 items from Howler Brothers. Until then, stop by Appalachian Outfitters and shop fall merchandise that will keep you warm until we see warmer temperatures!

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