Jack Wolfskin: Limited Availability In Ohio-Appalachian Outfitters

Jack Wolfskin: Limited Availability In Ohio

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At Appalachian Outfitters, we believe in offering our customers outdoor gear that is so unique that it can be difficult to find anywhere else. A perfect example is Jack Wolfskin, an outdoor company that creates high quality gear, and we are the only store in Ohio that carries Jack Wolfskin products. We have an extensive line of Jack Wolfskin backpacks specifically because of the company’s ethics and standards.

What’s The Big Deal?

Jack Wolfskin is a company based in Germany, where it was established in 1981 in Frankfurt. The outdoors are the inspiration for all of the company’s products, which are made to handle the elements and wear and tear of time – without compromising your comfort. Jack Wolfskin creates rucksacks, tents, shoes, clothing, and more that are designed to be functional, comfortable, reliable, and long-lasting. Innovation is a daily goal. Exceptional gear is for exceptional outdoorspeople!

EDS Dynamic 48 Pack
When you choose an EDS Dynamic 48 Pack, know that you’re supporting a good company with limited US distribution.
Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

How Is Jack Wolfskin Different?

In conjunction with quality products, Jack Wolfskin is also committed to respecting our natural resources. The world is a beautiful place to explore, and because it’s the only world we have, we’re determined to care for it on behalf of future generations and other outdoorspeople.

This is important because the textile supply chain is much more complex that people assume. For example, Jack Wolfskin works with twelve main suppliers and 54 subcontractors to make the company’s Altis Women Softshell Jacket in black. All of that collaboration for just one quality product. Jack Wolfskin works hard to make sure that their supply chain is a sustainable production process, with more than 50% of its own suppliers signed on as bluesign® system partners. This allows Jack Wolfskin owners, employees, and customers to know that the textiles and raw materials used for its products are responsibly sourced.

Denali 60 Women
Jack Wolfskin uses quality materials and thorough designs to make a backpack that is specially suited for women.
Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

What Does This Mean?

Jack Wolfskin believes that corporate responsibility is just as important as the quality of its products. The company proactively participates in social issues of fairness and environmental awareness.

The business has been awarded for its efforts by earning several awards, including the Fair Wear Foundation (for social, safe, and fair working conditions for Jack Wolfskin’s suppliers across the globe) and the Brand Performance Check 2016 from FWF (for best possible grade). Jack Wolfskin is transparent about its sustainability strategies and social responsibility, providing detailed information on its website.

Highland Trail XT 50
Jack Wolfskin uses quality materials and thorough designs to make a backpack that is specially suited for women.
Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin Available At Appalachian Outfitters

Appalachian Outfitters is the only business in Ohio that sells Jack Wolfskin products! We work with companies that are socially and environmentally responsible, and we are honored to include Jack Wolfskin in our product line. Stop by one of our stores today to find your own Jack Wolfskin products—and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from supporting a quality company.

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