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Jack Wolfskin: Raising the Sustainable Bar

Jack Wolfskin, a German-based outdoor gear company and a continued favorite at Appalachian Outfitters, is making new strides in sustainable practices! Jack Wolfskin set a goal to be 100% PFC free by 2020, but they’re ahead of schedule—they’ll be 100% PFC free a year early, in spring 2019.

The company continually strives to make their outdoor gear more and more sustainable, from novel products to new approaches for reducing waste, effectively raising the bar for the sake of the outdoor world we all love so much. Congratulations, Jack Wolfskin!


Achieving Versatility with 100% Recycled Materials

In the spirit of this goal, the company has created a 100% recycled jacket line. The versatility of the line allows people to customize their gear to exactly what they need.

Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

The company’s first 100% recycled line, Texapore Ecosphere, is made of waterproof exterior material that protects against inclement weather. The second 100% recycled line, Nanuk Ecosphere, available at Appalachian Outfitters in spring 2019, is the interior, removable layer of warm fleece.

The company’s 100% recycled insulation, called Microguard Ecosphere, is integral to each Nanuk and Texapore piece of gear. Texapore and Nanuk gear can be worn together or apart, depending on your activity and temperature.

How is such versatility possible with 100% recycled materials? The process begins with PET bottles or production scraps. These are shredded into fine granulates. Developers process this material into fibers or membranes, producing the 100% recycled material of the Nanuk and Texapore clothing lines.

These two lines can be worn separately, as a hardshell or fleece lining, or they can be combined together to make a single, strong unit of warmth against the winter cold. This innovation shows the versatility of recycled materials!

Recycled Exterior Technology

Nanuk Ecosphere Gear features 3-in-1 technology. The waterproof, windproof, breathable material protects you from inclement weather. In keeping with their sustainability standards, the material is 100% recycled. This hardshell can be worn alone for waterproof and windproof protection in the outdoors, or you can pair it with a fleece.

Skei Trail 3in1

Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

This jacket features all of the above technology, plus a detachable hood and venting zips. The optional fleece liner is removable, giving you greater control over your internal temperature. This jacket that is 100% PFC free and recycled is recommended for a variety of activities, from strolls to full-exertion hiking.

Sierra Trail 3in1

Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

This jacket is made entirely of recycled materials! Its hardshell is comfortable and pliable, and the optional, zip-in fleece jacket provides extra warmth. The exterior includes reflective details, so you’re visible no matter the environment.

Recycled Interior Comfort

Texapore Ecosphere Gear is the 100% recycled fleece line that Jack Wolfskin designed to pair with the Nanuk hardshells. The warm fleece material is sturdy, made of recycled fabric, and uses a custom zip system for better insulation.

Moonshine Track

Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

Hikers on long treks will benefit from this fleece’s warmth. This jacket fits neatly into the hardshell Nanuk jackets, and taffeta-lined sleeves make it even easier to slide on or off as needed.

Echo Jacket

Photo Credit: Jack Wolfskin

This lightweight material belies its versatility and strength. The fabric is 100% recycled, aligning with Jack Wolfskin’s sustainability goals. The warmth-to-weight performance cannot compare with other fleeces. For a wide range of outdoor winter activities, this jacket could be a mid-layer, an outer jacket, or an extra touch of insulation underneath a Nanuk hardshell.

Jack Wolfskin at Appalachian Outfitters

We’re thrilled to bring these product lines to northeastern Ohio. Stop by Appalachian Outfitters to try out this versatile line of clothing for yourself!