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Kayaking: How to Choose Your Vessel

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Kayaks provide the perfect way to peacefully experience nature up-close. But when you’re buying a kayak, how do you know which one to choose? It’s important to think about a variety of factors, like what you want to get out of your kayaking experience.

First, think about where you’ll kayak most often. Consider how long you’ll be on the water, and what kind of water you’ll be in—choppy sea water, calm bays, or rough streams. Also plan ahead for how you’ll be transporting your kayak to your water source. Think about whether you frequently paddle with a friend or loved one, since most kayaks have a two paddler option.

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Recreational Kayaks to Enjoy the Scenery

If you spend a relaxing day kayaking on calm waters, choose a recreational kayak. These are affordable and user friendly. Their core stability is ideal for hobbies that require steady hands, like anglers and photographers, and they also include small storage spaces for picnics or equipment. Recreational kayaks are not as useful for routes with heavy winds or strong currents.

Touring Kayaks for Rough Waters

Touring kayaks are ideal for open, rough water as they have the versatility and performance to handle the challenge. They include extra storage space and sealed hatches and bulkheads that trap air to keep the kayak floating. The padded cockpits are efficient and comfortable, and the tracking system makes them easy to steer.

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Add extra lash points to make your kayak more user friendly.
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Modular Kayaks for Easy Transportation

Modular kayaks are hard-shelled kayaks that can easily snap into two or three sections, making them easy to transport as needed. Most people can easily maneuver these kayaks into the trunk of most SUVs. There are three styles of modular: recreational, touring, and sit-on-top.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaks are ideal for warm climates where recreational kayaks feel too closed-in. Recreational kayakers enjoy these for beginners, children, or swimmers, as they’re easy to climb on and off in the water, on shore, or off the dock. They’re wider, making them more stable, and self-bailing drain holes make them easy to transport.

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Inflatable Kayaks for Travelers

Inflatable kayaks are the most user friendly for travelers. These are known being versatile and sturdy, with feature compartments that you can inflate with an electric pump or your hand or foot. Because they’re inflatable, they’re much more buoyant than other kayak models. They deflate to the size of a duffel bag.

Sea Kayaks For the Open Water

Sea kayaks are more difficult to maneuver quickly, but they’re faster and more stable, which makes them best for choppy open water where speed and stability are important. They’re typically short in length, but they handle the fast flowing saltwater with ease. Paddlers can quickly cover large distances without too much strain because of their rounded hulls.
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Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are popular for recreational fishermen, as they’re low maintenance and inexpensive compared to a boat. Because of the way these kayaks are built with greater surface contact on the water, they have greater stability. Many fishing kayaks are easy to tailor to your specific fishing needs.

Kayaking with Appalachian Outfitters

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