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Kendall Cliffs Volunteer Belay Class

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Kendall Cliffs is looking for individuals interested in becoming a volunteer belayer. Volunteers are used when we need additional help for larger groups, parties and events. In return for helping, you receive free climbing on the day you belay, plus an additional day pass card that must be used within 90-days.

A mandatory orientation class to be scheduled for later this Summer is required in order to teach proper techniques, procedures, and safety training. You must currently be top rope belay certified at Kendall Cliffs, and have CPR and basic first aid to be a volunteer belayer. For those who are not currently certified in CPR/First Aid, a class will be held at the end of the orientation meeting.

There is a $15 fee for the CPR/First Aid class which will be returned in the form of a Kendall Cliffs day pass after you have belayed for your first group or event. If interested, or, for more details, please call the gym at (330) 655-5489, or, email us at Kendall Cliffs Please place "Belay Class" in the subject line.

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