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Kletterwerks: Long-Lasting, Handmade Quality

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It’s back-to-school season, and for many students, this means finding new backpacks and bags. One of our favorite backpack and bag companies is Kletterwerks, a company based in Bozeman, Montana that has been creating and selling quality, handmade bags since the 1970s.

Going Strong

Kletterwerks began with a rough start, and it survived many ups and downs until it reached its current fame. Today, Kletterwerks’ handmade bags are well known and respected worldwide; US Special Operations Teams and the Navy SEALS even use Kletterwerks for some of their choice gear.

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To demonstrate how much they believe in their products, Kletterwerks gives its customers a lifetime warranty on backpacks and bags. No more wondering when your bag’s zippers or seams will rip out and leave you with a pile of snowy, soggy textbooks and a broken laptop; you can focus, knowing that your backpack or bag was made by one of the best US-made companies in the nation.

Unique Quality

Kletterwerks emphasizes an education in equipment repair. Because they understanding the natural weak spots and strong points in backpacks and bags, the design team creates backpacks and bags that are durable. Kletterwerks has created sewn equipment for more than a generation, giving the company a unique view of what it means to build something the right way. Much of the design time at Kletterwerks is spent guaranteeing that the products are perfect, with its materials and seams being some of the strongest and best around the world:

  • Kletterwerks products are only made with Cordura material, which was originally made to improve tire strength. When Cordura Nylon was woven into fabric, the result was abrasion resistant, 1000D Corudura, which is now the leading material in its industry.
  • All main zippers are guaranteed to be YKK #10, and all of the lid and pocket zippers are YKK #8. The zipper sliders are electroplated with nickel and equipped with a custom zip pull.
  • The company’s logo patch is stamped with only local, original Bozeman dyes for an authentic outdoors feel.
  • All of the buckles are the best on the market: Waterbury. Nickel plating makes these withstand rain, sun, sweat, and even car doors.

Kletterwerks Unique
Photo Credit: http://kletterwerks.com

Kletterwerks Backpacks And Bags At Appalachian Outfitters

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