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Kupilka Makes its Return to Our Shelves

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Kupilka, the eco friendly dishware from Finland, is making its return to Appalachian Outfitters. Whether your rousing round a campfire with a spirited drink, sitting down at the picnic table for a meal, or plopping onto the couch for another binge session with a bowl of snacks, Kupilka has a dish for you.Kupilka comparison table

Kupilka offers a wide variety of products in various colors all made from their own biomaterial Kareline, a natural fiber composite, which favors the use of renewable energy. The eco friendly cellulose fibers from the Finish forest are then reinforced with FDA approved polypropylene. This makes them very durable against abrasion as well as temperature. The materials used have been tested to withstand both boiling hot water as well as sub-zero conditions. All this stacks up to make Kupilka products an easy to care for and ecofriendly choice for your dinnerware.

Stacked muilti-color kupilka cups

As a company, they take great pride in being a very environmentally friendly operation. According to an independent study, the manufacturing of Kupilka products have a carbon footprint of 0. Yes! They have achieved zero CO2 emissions. They have accomplished this feat by re-using product waste, using carbon neutral electricity, heating the facility using waste heat and carbon neutral electricity, and making a completely recyclable product. The entire carbon footprint when calculating in material procurement and transportation, manufacturing of the product, and purchasing of packing materials is roughly .23 kg CO2-eq. To put that into perspective, that is about the same carbon footprint as groin 1.2 kilograms of potatoes.

The Kupilka products not only offer an attractive alternative to your average cutlery and tableware, but they have created a complete package that you can feel good about owning. Stop into the store today to check out the selection and colors of Kupilka products we are proud to offer.

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