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Life on the Go: Stanley GO Series

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Stanley Ceramivac™ Thermas for on-the-go beverages

What is the one thing you take with you everywhere you go? Most would say cell phones, and while that is true, for outdoors and fitness enthusiasts, staying hydrated is just as important as staying connected. Stanley’s Ceramivac™ design aims to be your new go-to thermos each time you walk out the door.


Grey Stanley Go Series water bottle

Products Based On Integrity & Research

Blue Stanley Go Series water bottle
In September 1913, William Stanley Jr. established the Stanley brand. His steel vacuum bottle changed how people eat and drink, and today these brand products continue to show their quality in active settings. With over 100 years in history, the Stanley brand has proven its worth throughout time. Now its new GO Series is showing the same quality and integrity, this time with a research-based product to solve a problem—people love the taste and smell of their coffee mug beverages, and they love the feel of the ceramic, but they wish their beverages stayed warm for longer. Stanley made the GO Series as the perfect solution.

Redefining On-The-Go Beverages

This new series of thermoses from Stanley places GO bottles at the front of your mind for drinks that taste pure and clean. The thermos features a smooth double wall with ceramic overlaying stainless steel. Being 100% BPA free (and dishwasher safe), you won’t find any metallic smell or taste to ruin the flavor of your drink. With a stowaway carry loop, it’s easier to carry with less chance of spills or leaks. The 18/8 stainless steel insulates even the lid, keeping it leak proof and easily packed away in your bag. Also, hydration doesn’t have to be boring—the series features new colors and finishes just in time for spring 2018. Thanks to the double-vacuum insulation, your hot drinks will stay warm for 9 hours, and your refreshing drinks will stay cold for 50 hours. No matter your adventure, beverage, or weather, GO Stanley Ceramivac™ bottles will have your drink waiting for you when you’re thirsty.
Coral Stanley Go Series tumbler
The series is thoughtfully designed, with each bottle fitting into car cups as well. Silicone footpads resist slipping on surfaces. The sizing ranges from 16 oz to 36 oz for vacuum bottles and 16 oz to 24 oz for vacuum tumblers. Where you’re commuting to a desk job or hiking mountains, Ceramivac™ is designed for being on the go. To quote from Kelly Kraus, vice president of the brand, on the website: “Stanley took the best features of ceramic – its smooth finish and familiar feel—and simply made it better with the application of vacuum insulation, resulting in a new option for those consumers who prefer a ceramic experience but still want the durability of stainless steel and the thermal benefits of vacuum insulation. We’re excited to introduce your new favorite, the GO Series with Ceramivac™.” If you have any lingering doubts, Stanley offers a lifetime guarantee on the Go Bottle. The business operates on its integrity: “Our products do what we say they do or we replace them. We guarantee it.”

Stanley Thermos Ceramivac™ at Applachian Outfitters

The new series features bottles and tumblers, all made with vacuum designs that feels like a ceramic mug in your hands but holds the power of Stanley technology.
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