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If you have yet to explore Locally.com, now is your chance! Read our exclusive interview with Locally.com to learn more about the company, the products, and the future of recreational shopping.

Finding A Solution

What started as Massey’s Professional Outfitters in 1972 has now blossomed into a website guiding online shoppers to their local recreational stores where they can find exactly what they need. As a family-owned business in New Orleans, Massey’s began experiencing the impact of websites like Amazon. This is when Mike Massey saw a solution: “a digital way to shop locally.” Locally.com is the way “to wrap decades of shopping district development into a comprehensive online marketplace.”

Mike Massey teamed up with Blake Haney and Ben Hirsch to build “a website for online product discovery that would send online shoppers to the doorsteps of their local brick-and-mortar stores so precious to our communities.” Locally.com has been so successful that the inventory listings are expanding to more than outdoor gear.

Find it Locally
Find it locally - Photo Credit: http://www.locally.com/

Building A Community

Because outdoor retailers tend to be social hubs, scheduling games, trips, races, events, and fundraisers, bringing these companies together nationwide has expanded and united the outdoor community. Locally.com supports these communities nationwide by inviting them to the inventory listings. Each time “Mainstreet stores (of any kind) have to close their doors, our communities will be at a huge loss.”

To fight the losses of local stores, Locally.com reaches out to retailers nationwide, inviting them to upload their inventories. Soon they plan to add photos, videos, and blog posts to Locally.com, bringing more traffic to the site and more depth to communities.

Appalachian Outfitter on Locally.com
Discover Appalachian Outfitters - Peninsula - Photo Credit: http://www.locally.com/store/6/appalachian-outfitters-peninsula-peninsula-44264

Featuring Current Promotions

Locally.com promotes contests for various companies. Their current project is the Sea-To-Summit Sleep Better Contest. This spring Sea-To-Summit will debut a brand new, award-winning line of air mattresses. You have a chance to win an air mattress and more – before they even hit the stores. When you reserve a mattress of your choice (only through specific Sea-To-Summit authorized retailers), your name is entered into the Sleep Better Sweepstakes. You can win one of three amazing Sea-To-Summit Sleep System packages! As if this isn’t enough incentive, other retailers with Locally.com are offering other great prizes.

Sea-to-Summit Sleep better contest
Enter into the Sea-to-Summit Sleep Better Contest - Photo Credit: http://www.locally.com/post/181/locallycom-sea-to-summit-sleep-better-contest

Thinking Locally

Appalachian Outfitters is a fan of local communities, especially when they’re also outdoor enthusiasts! Explore Locally.com to support your local community!

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