NEMO Gear: Enjoying Home Comforts in the Wild

NEMO Gear: Enjoying Home Comforts in the Wild

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Enjoying the Outdoors

With new innovations, there is no need to go on a camping trip without the modern conveniences from home! With new gear from NEMO, you don’t need to sleep in restrictive sleeping bags or sponge bathe in a cold creek. Instead, you can sleep as comfortably as you do in your own bed, and you can feel sparkly clean after taking a real shower. 

Sleep Naturally and Comfortably in the Wild with NEMO Gear

NEMO Spoon Sleeping Bag
Image Credit: The Gear Caster - NEMO Spoon Sleeping Bag

The traditional sleeping bag is straight, forcing side-sleepers, knee-huggers, and wigglers – which make up 50% of the population – into uncomfortable positions. To resolve this, NEMO tested 50 different sleeping bags and made over 300 changes to get to the final result: a new style of sleeping bag that matches your natural sleeping position.

The NEMO Spoon™ Shape is wider at the top (32 inches), narrower at the hips (30 inches), and wider at the bottom (34 inches). This contour gives you enough room to move naturally while you sleep. The vertical baffle construction comfortably envelops your body all through the night, stopping the down from moving and creating cold drafts.

Pocket for technology devices.
Image Credit: Gear Junkie - Pocket for technology devices.

Two additional innovations include the Blanket Fold™. This insulated fabric flap guards your neck against cold air. Second is the breathable, waterproof coating on the sleeping bag’s back to keep you dry.

The NEMO bag features:

  • DownTek™ 700-fill-power duck down
  • Water repellent, insulating, micro-thin polymer
  • Zippered pocket to hold alarm watches
  • Pillow pocket to hold your makeshift pillow in place all night
  • Synthetic StratoFiber™ insulation
  • Stuff sack and storage bag for carrying

Get a Better Clean with the Helio Pressure Shower

NEMO’s Helio(™) Pressure Shower
Image Credit: Bless This Stuff-NEMO’s Helio(™) Pressure Shower

Traditional gravity camp showers don’t have any water pressure. This makes it challenging to clean gear and people. As a solution, NEMO made the Helio™ Pressure Shower. This freestanding shower has enough water pressure to wash dishes, gear, hair, and animals much more thoroughly than you ever could before

The shower operates with a foot pump that you can use to regulate your own water pressure. You can easily carry it inside a ventilated, zippered case. Setting up the Helio shower is simple with its quick-connect valves.

NEMO Helio(™) Pressure Shower makes life easier around camp.
Image Credit: NEMO Equipment-NEMO Helio(™) Pressure Shower makes life easier around camp.

The Helio Pressure Shower includes these helpful features:

  • 7-foot neoprene hose
  • Spray nozzle
  • 2.9-gallon capacity
  • 5-7 minutes of pressure water
  • 1 lb. 6 oz. ventilated and zippered carrying case

Buy the NEMO Spoon Shape Sleeping Bag and Helio Pressure Shower at Appalachian Outfitters

Enjoy the comforts of home in the outdoors with gear from NEMO. Visit us at Appalachian Outfitters (now in both Peninsula and Lodi) to see our selection of NEMO equipment that will keep you rested and clean during your summer adventures! Our page allows you to conveniently order products and pick them up at our stores.

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