New Product update! Sockwell-Appalachian Outfitters

New Product update! Sockwell

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We are very excited to be introducing a new brand in March called Sockwell!


Not only are Sockwell socks made from a high performance cashmerino fabric, but they offer a 3 zone compression system that increases circulation in the calves and feet. Sockwell's compression socks have luxurious and long lasting features such as odor, heat and moisture regulation fabrics made from blends of wool and bamboo. They also have a reinforced heel, seamless toe closure and are guaranteed to be blister-free. They have a non-bind top and freedom fit toe box for added comfort. Sockwell has two levels of firmness in their compression socks: moderate (15-20 mmhg) and firm (20-30 mmhg).

A pair of legs wearing Sockwell socks that are teal and white with a chevron pattern.


Hate that sharp pain in your heels? Within their line of firm compression socks is the Plantar Ease style. These socks relieve heel pain and swelling caused by Planter Fasciitis. Each Plantar Ease sock adds pressure to the Achilles tendon and Plantar Fascia increasing blood flow upward through the foot. These socks not only offer a wide variety of styles and colors to fit your personal preference, but they increase circulation and prevent swelling and muscle fatigue.

 Made in the USA, Sockwell is dedicated to help preserving jobs, local economies and following responsible environmental practices. All wool is a part of their HomeGrown Wool Initiative which supports American wool farmers to produce some of the finest Rambouillet merino sheep fabrics. 

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